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    my wife has had diabetis for over 16 years, over thoes years I gadualy watched her get worse.To the point where I finaly quit my job to me nearer to her.I watched as she lost her hearing then her sight went bad.She had a transplant that lasted two years, then what ever killed off her first one took the other. So back on dyalis she went. now in her 8th year she held strong.Saying if it wasnt for me she would give up. next came renial falure.muscle loss. but she would force herself up and do the things she wanted. A stronger woman I never meet. During the last months of her life She ate what she wanted.Bought what she liked and got me anything I asked for.November 1st started out like any normal day, I felt and knew something was not wright but nothing said there was trouble, We Shopped stoped to get food to take home. as I got her to the front door she made the same comment as always" thank you honey for helping me' my response was the same" what else am I here for. With that she fell as if something took the life right from her. I listened as I heard the breath leave her body. I called 911 But new she was gone. The police got involved thinking I had something to do with her death. she was baryied in rockyboy Mt. Shortly i moved to portland with my family.may she rest in GODS arms. Ive yet to greeve maybe still in shock. I love ya dear. GOD bless you. S.
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    :hug: I am so sorry for you loss... :console:
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    Sounds like a wonderful marriage and that you did everything possible to make her happy, cling to that in the next few months..YOU MADE HER HAPPY!!! :hug:
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    You are probably still in shock you will grief when it is right for you to do so. When the tears come know in your heart you cared all you could and she loved you for that. Sorry for your loss she stayed as long as she could it seemed for you.
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    It is not possible*to put into words how sad you must feel...please give yourself time, as this is so difficult...thanks for sharing †his with us and please let us know how we can support you...my condolences..J
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    I thank you folks for your replys and sapport, And I hope all is well with everyone, Or as close as possable. I had to move in with my mom recently and ta tell ya the truth, Its not helping.I feel like crying, I wanna ball my as$ off,But I have no place thats privite. Even tried to go to church tonight. They where actualy closed. Preparing for the holiday. Another thing thats eating my heart up. I remember all the kool things we did during this time of year and it makes me smile. Then my soal seems to die knowing we'll never be able to do it again. I never meet anyone like her. And I thank our Lord for letting her walk into my life.To all of you that feel "not good" this time of year I'd like to send you a personal message.Our lord has a purpose for us. We just gotta listen. To all that have suffered. GOD BLESS, And have a good holiday. This year I think I'll give myself a presant. A day off to cry.
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    do you have a children?
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    Yes. A boy and girl. Daughter is 30 and Im a gandad. Son past away in July 2007. Trying to explain where grandma went to my grandchildren is difacult at best. Telling them that grandma is with GOD seems to be the best answer I can come up with. And one they seem to accept.
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    I am so sorry, i send peace to you at this difficult time.........
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    I was just going through some things and ran across a puppet that I used to amuse my wife with. And I began to cry. I saw the look on her face, A smile that said she was happy, And that her husband might be crazy:D, In my mind. And I Started to smile. I hope this may help someone that may be going through the same type of thing.
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    Thank you for sharing that...what a wonderful lesson...to smile in the middle of such deep heartache...J
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    yesterday I was at wallgreens and noticed all the valantines things that where on display. My heart started to ack as if a giant fist had hold of it, tears came to my eyes.I cried right there in the store.My mind flooded with memories of meaningful times my wife and I spent together and I cried even harder. Rest in piece Hon. I love you. St.
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    I am glad you got to let some of those tears go I hope you have someone to help you through this grieving process A therapist that deals with grief. Tears will come when they are ready don't try to stop them okay no matter where you may be. hugs
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    I'm so sorry for your wife's passing its going to get better as we need time for us all to heal but remember you have us for support
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear wife...sounds like you had an amazing relationship..
    greif is a hard journey but know you aren't alone..*hug*
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    that so tragic i hope the healing process is easier from this point on :)
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    Sooo sorry to hear about your loss, here if you need to talk :hug: x
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    Folk's I need anyone's help here. I now have to live with my mom and sister and its not going so well for me. I keep thinking that soon i'll go home, But theres no home to go to, Worst yet I dont have a job and its not looking to promising either.I feel sick. I lost 98% of what used to be my life with my wife. Everyones on pain meds and tradeing back and forth. To me, My own family sound like a bunch of idiots. I thought it would help becouse both had lost spouses and I thought they would understand. I tried going to a councler here but even that didnt help. I just need a little direction. I dont live the way my family does and its not helping to be here. Sorry, I just need to vent, I have no place to cry and I want to so bad....................................
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    You may want to try a hospice grieving group. Here in Maryland, I was in a group when I lost my father. The group was sponsored by the county and cost 25 dollars to join. It was well worth the cost.