Will be homeless soon

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  1. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Rent just went up by 200 dollars. I explained to the leaser that my addition source of income from my second job (yes I found out they didn't fire me after all), was to go toward helping to pay my student loan bills, which I can't afford, and it's only an extra 3-400 dollars a month. So she told me the way the rent increase is calculated is by taking the *anticipated* income amount (they anticipated that I'll be guaranteed to make 500 dollars a month...when in reality, as I tried to explain to this woman, that it's just a part-time position, and is on-call only many times, so the actual income from it is only about 250-300 a month instead. She said it doesn't matter.

    Okay. So the rent is up and I won't be able to afford it, thus will be kicked the fuck out and into the streets. I guess I need to find a third job.
  2. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    How about I just die, since I won't have a life working 24 hours a day anyway, huh? I cannot afford to live when everything is beyond my means. Maybe I could cut out groceries and do laundry every 3 months instead. I'm just damned tired of struggling.
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    do they have the right to raise it up 200$? I would ask the appropriate authorities if she's allowed to do that, and if not then you can decline...

    I live in quebec and over here, they are allowed to raise the rent but you can refuse it...also they can raise to extreme amounts...we have office of rent(dont know whats its called in english) and so before they evict you, they have to go to court...

    I'm assuming its similar in the states...there should be a gorvernment place for rent laws etc...maybe look through the phone book or google search...gorverment should be on the internet...
  4. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    I live in subsidized housing, where the rent is calcuated for 30% of your total gross income. When you get another job or another source of income, no matter how small, the rent will be recalculated based on the increase in income. So, since I had another source of income, the rent increased. I won't be able to afford it because the additional income I'm bringing in, 100% of it is going toward student loan payments. I can't make ends meet. I can't afford to pay an addition 200 dollars that I won't have.
  5. Axiom

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    How much is your rent now? Maybe you can find a cheaper place to live :S
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    That's a really sucky policy. I guess it's set in stone. Could you find another place or make a few desperate final attempts at persuasion?
  7. bluegrey

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    Hi PB, I have a lack of income that is forcing me to live with my violent nut father at the moment. I just want to sincerely wish you well and hope you get through this.

    By the way, as you probably know if you are declared psychiatrically disabled mental health housing agencies provide adequate to not-bad-at-all housing options. Be well and stay safe, okay? :arms:
  8. texaskitty

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    I don't have any advice just wanted to tell you I'm sorry and hope things workoot.

  9. Darc

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    I can't help either, since I'll be homeless myself next month...but I really hope that you will be able to find and afford another place to stay if it doesn't work out with this one.
    Good luck.