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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by jaderr, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. jaderr

    jaderr New Member

    My mental health team have reffered me to various counselling, im just not sure of whether this is going to be any help, yes since a very young age ive had a horrible life and have also lost all my immediate family within few yrs of each other, one of these being to suicide.
    my mum was what they called then manc deprressive
    my aunt schizophrenic
    my brother multible personalitie disorder
    and so on and so on

    i feel like i would just tell them what they want to hear or not be able to talkk at all, or even if i did talk will this help, i dont know if im tormenting myself or if im crazy but im 35 now and i have to move on from all this be it meds or counselling as im now a week from a serious attempt from which i suppose you would say i was lucky, im embarasssed depressed on new meds. my head is so confused i suppose im asking for your opinions on counselling services
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    when it comes to counseling... there is no easy answer or quick fix. the truth of the matter is... everyone responds differently to things and to people. so, i can't say go to this particular therapist or get this particular type of therapy or take this specific medication and know with 100% certainty that the therapiset or the type of therapy or the medication will make you feel better. i can tell you this... going to counseling can and does help... but finding the right type of counseling and then the right counselor for you can be a lot like searchng for a needle in a haystack. it gets very frustrating and very time consuming. it only works if you are able to build up trust between yourself and your counselor and then only if you are willing to put to practice all the things the counselor teaches/suggests. at the end of the day, its still up to you .... how badly do you want to fix this?? seeing that you are posting here, i think you probably want to fix this pretty badly. i am 39 myself, there is no shame in having depression or any other mental illness no matter what your age. its just another hurdle for us to overcome, but i think you can do it. this response is not meant to deflate you nor to crucify you in any way, rather it is meant to prepare you.... you have a long journey in front of you, i wish you all the best and the best of luck too!
  3. mpang123

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    Jaderr, counseling can be very helpful in healing and understanding yourself. Finding the right therapist is the challenge. Sometimes you have to keep "shopping" for the therapist who you can have a connection with and feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with. Trust your intuition. Good luck shopping!
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