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  1. I posted here a little while ago, but things have continued to go downhill. I'm just so worried about being alone on the journey after life. I am Christian, and I worry about the effects of ending it. I know that it is time to end it, but I just worry that I will be all alone once I complete it...
  2. asri

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    anything u want to talk about? writing it down may help you?
  3. Remedy

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    Talk to us about why you're feeling this way and we can support you. Don't act on your feelings yet.
    Suicide isn't the answer. :hug:
  4. Starkissed

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    Please don't kill yourself. I know it's hard to see and I can't believe I'm not taking my own advice but there are a lot of good things out there waiting for you.

    I'm also a Christian and I sometimes wonder what will happen to me after I die, but wouldn't it be best to have that adventure when it actually is your time to die?
  5. Ben121

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    I am not a religious person but I too worry about what awaits me on the other side.

    The thing I tell myself is that in the eyes of evolution the time we spend down here is nothing but a blink of an eye. The spirit lives forever even if the body where hosting dose not. This is why I carry on. Of course the days can seem long when where feeling hurt and rejected by the world but the years are not. Think back 10 years ago and it don't seem that long.

    What have you got to loss by sticking around? You have nothing to make by moving on to the the next world right at this time. You well get there all in good time anyway. And just like you thought school would never end you think this life well never end but you well be there sooner then you think.

    I did say I was not religious but I am quite spiritual.

    stay strong :hugtackles:
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