Will I ever be loved!?!?

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  1. SugarPoison

    SugarPoison Member

    Is it possible for some human beings never to be loved, admired, fancied and even liked throughout their whole lives? I feel this is possible because it's happening to me.

    I have had two loves and many crushes. The first love when horrifically wrong. The second, was even worse. I was mistreated and abused and heart broken over and over again. I then began having crushes on people I knew, every single one of them didn't like me back. None of them. I asked them all out, they all refused and called me revolting. I recently met someone who I could not for the life of me stop staring at. I admired them beyond words and once I found out recently that they will be leaving and no longer in my life, I broke down in tears and was in tears for hours upon hours for I have never admired anyone as much as this. I desperately got in contact with this person who then found me weird and ignored me and basically dislike me already.

    I've never been loved. No one has ever admired me. Please, don't say 'someone could of loved you and not told you." Trust me, I pick up on things, no one has ever told me anything, no one has ever been affectionate with me or acted different around me. Ever.

    Why can't I be loved? People call me pretty all the time, call me good looking. Is there something wrong with me? Was I born broken? Was I not meant to be born? If I wasn't, everyone would be happy, including my mother who wants to be living elsewhere but cannot because of me. I love people so much, I have so much love to share, yet no one ever wants me.

    I wish I was dead. Please, what can I do? Why are some people always admired and others never at all? I know some of the most crueliest, ugliest people and yet they have someone head over heels in love with them. I know it's not about looks but these people are down right evil to anyone, including those that love them.

    Please help me!
  2. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    This use to happen to me. As it turns out, I was looking for love too soon. I finally went on a two year "man diet" and focused on making friends. I learned that some of the people I wanted to love me were not the kind of people I wanted to be with. Those kinds of things can only be learned through friendship.
  3. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    There is no love for all. All are not be alloved to become loved or alloved to give love to someone. I understand now people who send loveletters to jail. Because people can't run away from their loveletters.

    " da*n letters i want to go hide :bottle: da*n women take your stick's away"

    If someone doesen't know story of the bottle and handsome man is going something like that: "THAT man i want to put the bottle and tease a little bit by stick".

    Would some be so kind and tell why cute guy is handsome? hand? Does that mean man who have one hand or not hands at all can not be handsome and all anothers are...? Hand? Some? Where that come? What is heritage word of handsome?
  4. Datura

    Datura Well-Known Member

    Perhaps it's because you're miserable (your words), hate filled, and bitter towards everyone who in your mind seems better off than you.

    Does that give people the right to mistreat you if they are? Of course not. You seem to have a lot of issues weighing you down from the past and present. Deal with those rather than obsessing over why you're not worshipped, and yet others appear to be.
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