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Will I EVER be normal?!

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Seriously, I'm so upset. I've tried SO many different therapies, so many different meds. I still feel so sad, so suicidal. Will it ever go away? Will I ever have a will to live? Will I ever be normal? I'm SO sick and tired. The problems I have I've caused. I'm just sick of hurting, being sad, and hurting the people that love me. :rant:

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What is normal really everyone has their demons to fight really even the ones that say they don't they do. I think when you find the right meds you will feel better again i hope you can Normal we are all what we are and with help we can feel better hugs to you
I second on total eclipse.
I mean, what is normal. What may seem normal to you, can't always be normal for someone else and what may seem normal to someone else, can't always be normal for you.

We all have problems, at least one problem. Some have big problems and some have minor/ not so important problems. Nevertheless everyone has problem/s, therefore no one is normal and perfect. We are all different and that's what makes us unique.

Finding the reason for our sadness is the most important thing. Once we find that reason, the thing, the 'stuff in the basement' that is making us so sad and down, then we can start treating it.

Have you ever tried seeing different doctors, you know not every doctor is the same and not every doctor knows everything. Once you find that doctor, who is going to give you the right meds and point you to right therapies, then you will start feeling better and once again find a reason/will to live.

Always remember that your loved ones know that you don't mean to hurt them and that they will be there for you and help you if you ask them.
Also remeber to never give up or stop searching for a solution to your problem/s, you are stronger than you think.


"It always seems impossible, until it's done."
(Nelson Mandela)

"Remember to keep yourself alive, there is nothing more important than that!"
(Afeni Shakur)


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Alchoolic one day, alchoolic forever...
Same with suicide.

My doctor thinks it could be chemical in my brain.
I am emotionally dumb and forever.

My shrink think it is family screwed up situation.
Kind of my father was alchoolic, beating his children, emotionally abusing us, then we were violent to each other, then drugs, alchool, rejection, abandon, run away, suicide and so, and so.

The word normal does not even exist in my vocabulary.
I gave up since a long time.
As stated, normal does not exist. However, with that being said, I get what you are saying. You just want to feel ok. If it is any help, as somebody who has been there and is still struggling, the struggle you are going through now will only make you a stronger person with more depth. Just try to live day by day. Happiness will come when you least expect it. If you really feel you need meds now, please try to find the right doctor and the right counselor if you are looking to talk. Somebody who is on the right page as you. Not just anybody. It is so important to find somebody who can truly listen. Finally, your desire to feel better shows that you do have a will to live. Hugsssssss
First off I'm truly sorry you feel so sad, you deserve to be happy and have a life filled with love :hug:

Normal is all relative. Basically what society deems as normal is why there is the DSM. If you don't act or behave normally your judged to have a mental illness. That is in fact stigmatizing.

Forgive yourself for the problems you've caused, I suspect their relatively minor. Nothing like the problems I've caused and I know I'm a good person. We all make mistakes if you don't make them your not living.

One thing I've learned is that depressed people often lack the self serving bias. That is the bias in which they take credit for success but blame others or the situation for failure.

I don't know the details about your situation but if you can get some exercise the natural endorphins will make you feel better.

Do you have a passion something that excites you or a dream of yours? If o focus in on that if not maybe learn a little bit about a lot of things try different activities and you may just find that passion of yours. Maybe even moving somewhere else. I'm just throwing ideas out there so forgive me if these are things that you don't think would help.

Best wishes and future happiness
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