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Will i make it?

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Hello ppl..watz up.This is mah 2nd post..lol i dun knw y am i counting it..anywayz...I just wanna share mah thoughts n i do need sum motivation.After 10 dayz me gonna have mah EXAMS.THE BIGGEST EXAM IN MAH LIFE.I need above 65% and i knw i cant make it...coz i havent studied much and i even doubt dat will i pass in dis.....gaining 65% is lyk impossible.WHAT SHOULD I DO DAMN..coz if i dnt gain 65% i wnt make it in NAVY...n dis is mah last chance coz my age is lyk 19.I dunno wat shld i do...damn damn damn...and i m tensed n cant study.Plssssssssss tell me wat shld i do.
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