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Will It Ever End???

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I've been in several abusive relationships, starting from my home. It only got worse after that. Floor fans flying over your head, having your face 2in. from hot grease because dinner was 10min late, being beaten to the point you have a miscarriage at 3 months because he accuses you it isn't his, etc...

Anyway, I wrote this poem to let out how I was feeling and hopefully some of you can relate...

As the hammer falls
So shall the fist
Blind fury
Swinging in the mist

The pain
Bestowed on me
Small reminders
Of what is to be

Blind rage
From within
Acting on impulse
Not relenting

The beast within
Has surfaced
Taking over
Making my life worthless

I feel like a ragdoll
Shaken and torn
Thrown in a corner
Wishing I were never born

You've taken away
All hope inside of me
Taken away my life
Taken away my dignity

And so you sit
So sorry for this
Wanting to apologize
Wanting my forgivness

You cry a sad song
Saying you can't go on
My love you need
My love to make you strong

I have nothing left
You've destroyed my being
My life, my love
My one reason for living

- Me
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