"Will you help me?" (triggering)

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    Consuming, all encompassing
    Coming from nowhere
    Surrounds her
    Filling her mind, body
    Every atom vibrates with it
    She wants to scream, shout
    Throw, break things
    Break everything in sight

    Locked up inside
    Her own delusional mind
    She screams inside
    She stares silently on the outside

    No one can help
    She's too broken now
    Her frail mind has taken too much

    She stares at the blade
    Wanting to feel some release
    Hands clench shut,
    Nails cutting into her palms
    Shaking with the rage

    She reaches out
    Takes it in her hand
    Traces along it's edge
    Holds it to her eye

    "Will you help me?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.