Wings, a poem about a LDR.

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    Random scrap poem I did a while back, while in a long distance relationship.
    Sorry about any grammar mistakes/typos.

    Long ago when my wings were small and soft,
    I received a letter of a bird, to become my love.
    I had to fly over through the cold and through the fog,
    I tried to maintain my Halo, but it rusted and fell off.

    She kept telling promises of our upcoming time,
    no matter how much it hurt she was going to be mine.
    I promised that all she had to do is wait,
    I'd give up my organs for every day I was late.

    I flew through the storms and I broke through the waves,
    Starting to get hollow for time that went away.
    I saw shining, something of great glory and grace.
    out there in the distance I saw her big cage.

    I started descending as I gave her my heart,
    still trying to reach her but I knew it was far.
    I filled up my body, but instead of organs with wine,
    my hollows filled with smoke collected over time.

    My wings grew old, the feathers turned black,
    as much as I wanted I could never go back.
    Longing for my cage I collapsed on her deck,
    I felt her heart shaking as she grabbed me by my neck.

    I finally had her but to my surprise,
    all that she told me turned out to be lies.
    That's when I got it she would shed me no tear,
    as all of those promises were made up of fear.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.