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Winter is the time

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I am very depressed. This winter is going to be it. I am ready for it. Winter is when everything is dead. It is the cycle that life goes through. Winter is out to get you....to kill you.


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Winter is only a temporary state while death from suicide is permanent, please reconsider. Why do you feel there is no point in living?


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This time of year I am very lonely. I have no one special to be with. I want to be with someone. This is a bad time of year. It is such a let down.


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blackfire i feel the exact same way. I was thinking more a few weeks ago whether or not i would make it through. i am also scared i won't. But my solution was to travel somewhere where it would be less bad. Florida, California are the dreams I suppose. For me Vancouver was the most likely option I think.


There is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which triggers Depression in some people during winter. It has to do with a lack of sunlight or something.


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me too, have no one to spend it with, so mostly i'll just be watching the television or spending time in front of the computer.

this is not what life should be, is it?


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i envy whomever is alone for x-mas ... god i wish i was alone for x-mas ... god i wish i was alone throughout the year ... anyone want my wife and kids ... just give me your address i'll x-press post them to you i'll even include enough money to feed them and clothe them for a year.

at least if your alone <Mod Edit: Abacus21 - encouraging>... i cant even do that i have to stay alive for my damned kids and stupid wife ... Living like a zombie is not fun with no choice at weather you live or die is not fun ... at least you have full control over the outcome of your life.

i have even lost that.
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this is no way to live. i just sucks out right. i took final exams and i am scared i didn't do to well. i bombed the practicals. god only knows how the written exams went. it is days like this i wish i weren't here. the anxiety is too much for me.


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drop me a line

i wish i could move some where else. someplace warm and tropical, but i can't because of fonancial reasons and college. i wish i could though.
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