Winter's Approach

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  1. First storm of white,
    fierce and blinding,
    used to be magic,
    telling of what is to come,
    of all that is to be undone
    Thunderous, powerful wind,
    ceaselessly echoing,
    like a tunnel,
    between chasms
    Swirling, enveloping
    Swallowing with the new season’s power
    It has only but begun
    Yet I don’t know whether to welcome it,
    as is the way of things,
    or with dread, open this door, this hour,
    knowing what is to arrive
    once more…
    no longer sure…
    All I know is that
    it is wilder than I feel brave right now,
    and that I hide in shadow
    inspite of the flying flight
    of bits of light ~
    which used to be my delight

  2. Allo..

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    Beauitfully heart~braking
  3. theleastofthese

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    I love it!!:smile: :smile: Another great one, FAL1!!


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