Winter's Hostage written 11-29-07

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    Summer eves are far away,
    These winter nights so cold.
    Watching the world pass day by day,
    Thinking, is it too young or too old?

    Looking to a shimmering star,
    wondering of other worlds, different times.
    Why must it be so far?
    Looking for a way up, a ladder to climb.

    An icy wind shakes me to the core,
    making warm carefree days all the more distant.
    Numbness day after day, how much more?
    A frozen tear, is this how it was always meant?

    Others rejoice at the onset of spring,
    I watch through ice glazed eyes with an envious stare.
    Held captive in the winter's blustery sting.
    What else is there?

    Seasons will always pass me by
    In the end, we only live to die...

    written by me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.