Wires Crossed (possibly triggering)

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    Trying to sleep, to no avail
    Tossing and turning, mind churning
    Shadows sliding and shifting, melting
    Whispers in the dark, so unreal
    I'm trying so very hard to cope
    But this is so very tiring, so hard
    I'm on the fourth night of this, no sleep
    And those whispers?, they're ever louder
    Ever clearer, many voices in this night
    Each giving voice, to different desires
    Few promise pleasure, none promise joy
    Most promise wickedly dark twisted things
    Razors and scalpels, meat hooks and blades
    Crushed red velvet splattered with rage
    I press hands to my ears, all in vain
    And cry out desperately for this all to change
    But change it does not, no not at all
    For I can't sleep, not even a wink
    I'd take more pills, the doctor prescribed
    But all are already gone, I've taken them all
    The darkest shadows now creep and crawl
    Slowly, quickly, and then not at all
    I know this insanity's not my fault
    It's just how my brain is, damaged and wires crossed

    I suffer from severe chronic insomnia, there have been times where I haven't slept for up to 9 days at a time(minus micro-sleeps of course). The worst period started in Sept. 2010 and went til April 2011 where I'd be lucky to sleep 5-8 nights a month(yeah so not fun). It hasn't been too terrible since April of last year, but the last month it's been acting up. This however was written in October, I'd been sleeping fine except for the night it was written. Anyway I think this gives a good idea what insomnia is like. Especially since at the day four mark without sleep anyone(and everyone) starts hallucinating because one's brain just can't take it. Anyway I have a lot of poems that revolve around this topic, since. . . well I'm an insomniac and you write what you know right?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.