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Wish I Could Give Help

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I see things that other people post on here and I want to give encouraging replies. I really want to help people. But how can I when I'm feeling so depressed myself. Pretty much, the only thing I could tell most of the people on here is that I understand how they feel because I feel the same way myself. But, if I agree with their depressing and suicidal thoughts, that wouldn't be helpful, just more destructive for them. So I keep reading the posts and not replying because I can't be helpful for anybody on here and that makes me sad.


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Don't worry. :) I wish I could post more too, as do many others...but, it is what it is. :wink:

There are those that post many helpful, encouraging replies, and I am thankful for that. You and I and many others might not post much, but that doesn't mean we don't want to help others and read about others' experiences.


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Thanks for the reply. It helped me to not feel so bad.
I'm the type of person who always wants to help people and I feel bad anytime I know someone needs help and I can't help them. I feel bad because there are so many people such as you who reply to my posts and truly help me to feel better, which I am very grateful for, but I feel like I'm being selfish because I am accepting the kind and encouraging words from others but not offering any myself. But, being depressed as I am, I don't feel like I can be helpful to anybody.


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Please don't feel bad about not being able to help others for the time being...I think everyone on this forum has been in that situation at some point. It's great that you want to help others though. As you receive more and more help and start to feel better, it'll be easier to help others with encouraging replies and advice. When I've felt horrible in the past I wasn't able to help anyone.

Most importantly, we're glad your here:).


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we all feel like you do ,emotional girl,its not being selfish your in a bad place and you would help if you could and when you can

im glad your finding encouragement here and to hear that is a help to others so without thinking about it youre already helping,if someone reads sf has helped you,you have helped them right? well done you

sometimes it doesnt need words just a :hug: to show youve read the words xx


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I agree with hollowvoice... If you can'ty reply just send a hug..At least that helps some..And it will make you feel like you have helped, because you have..It's not always words that help someone.. It's the fact that someone read there thread and acknowledged it..Don't feel bad..I don't always reply to threads due to lack of words..Take Care!!!


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Hugs..that's a great idea! I never even thought of that! And I naturally give people hugs in real life without thinking about it, but I never thought of just sending someone a hug emoticon! Thanks Hollowvoice and Stranger1.
And here is a hug sent out to both of you for helping me and to Caster and Mr. Alex for your encouraging words:

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