Wishing it Weren't

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  1. There are times I almost wish I never met the person I like right now. See, that person keeps leading me on, or so it feels. I'm so confused! I mean, I would give up everything, if it meant that the person I like would stay happy, I wouldn't care if it had me in it or not, just as long as they stay happy....but then they go and hurt me, and I'm just not sure what to do. It's driving me nearly INSANE!!!! I mean, sure, I'm just a high schooler, I can't know what true love is yet, but I sure as anything am familiar with heartbreak....I just need to scream sometimes! I know it's wrong, the way I've been taking it out on myselfl, but it's so hard not to, when you're so confused, and have no one you trust enough to tell...
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    Yeah it's a icky feeling when you think somebody is leading you on but you really have no idea what they want.

    I liked this girl at my work for almost 2 months now, but finally got over her(hopefully for good) because I realized that she really doesn't look at me as a person she can trust.

    I tried to be her friend, talked to her when she wouldn't, but she's either too shy or just finds me annoying:dry:.

    Anyways, if things get emotionally too tough try too stop thinking about the person you like until you can straighten your mind out.

    Sorry if I wasn't any help:sad:.
  3. Thanks. ^^ I'll give it a shot. Maybe it'll work.
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    Your welcome :).

    If the person really cares about you he'll want to talk, or ask what's up if you ignore him a little sometimes.
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    Hey hun. It hurts to like someone like that. I liked a guy. I tohught about him everyday, when I saw him, spoke to him, I felt happy, light. But he didn't see me. Like me. But he still showed enough recognition of me to make it hard for me to forget.

    You've got to try though hun. Try to forget. For your own sake and sanity k?

    I know this isn't much help but nevermind :hug:

    Take care and keep strong,