Wishing my friends where more supportive

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  1. monkee

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    I wish that I could tell those around me how I really feel, that each day at the moment is a struggle, I have panic attacks and can't sleep and find it so hard going outside my front door.
    I cry my self to sleep and sometimes have night terrors...
    I told my best friend the other day, how scared I felt when I was having a night terror and she laughed as she's never had one.
    I try to tell my friends that i love their company but I can't always get out and can't deal with the noise from bars and clubs but they don't understand and ask me after a while why it seems to them, am I being a team player... so now I've given up... I'm too tired to argue, I just want quietness and some sleep.
  2. Daijou

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    It's hard, when you reach out and try to get help, you find out the people you thought were your friends don't really care that much about you. I had this happen to me a couple months ago or so. I cried out for help, and all of the people that I thought were my friends either made fun of me or said that they didn't care/couldn't help me at all. The only person I found was supportive was a friend I made on the internet, he didn't know me in person, and didn't know a whole lot about my situation, but that didn't stop him from being a true friend.

    My advice is try making a few new friends maybe, ones that you can relate to a bit more. It's hard to try to go through struggles alone, and having someone that knows a bit of how you feel can really help.

    If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me. :)
    Hope you get some good rest and start to feel better. :hug: