Within These Four Walls

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  1. Miss Invisible

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    A piece of my life, expressed in poetry.

    Within these four walls I pray,
    that I'll be strong enough to see another day.
    My confidence shattered, my life a mess,
    will I ever be free from this stress.

    Within these four walls, my sanctuary, my home,
    I isolate, with the overwhelming need to be alone.
    Alone in my thoughts, these walls keep me contained,
    though I can't hide forever..some secrets remain.

    Within these four walls, I stay.
    Hidden from the bullies encountered yesterday.
    Their words, the rumors spread, fighting back is sometimes worse than being dead.

    Within these four walls, my pain is free.
    Take a look, you'll see that hate only makes pain worse.
    How can I express this without ending up riding in the back of a hearse.

    Behind these four walls is a person..Me.
  2. Petal

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    That's an awesome poem hun, just so you know there is a poetry forum here too :)
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  3. betteroffunknown

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    I agree with Petal!! This is a great poem!!! Do you write poetry a lot?
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  4. Miss Invisible

    Miss Invisible Well-Known Member

    Thank you:) I do write often, but rarely gutsy enough to share my work. I have not found the poetry forum, but I'd really like to!
  5. Petal

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  6. betteroffunknown

    betteroffunknown Well-Known Member

    That's great!!! :tickled_pink:

    There's also a website site called allpoetry.com where you can share your workings, too. I know at least one other person with mental health issues that shares their stuff on there. Sounds like it's a supportive place, too, if you're ever finding yourself 'gutsy' enough to try it out. Just putting it out there as another possibility. Never hurts to have more options! :)

    Thanks for sharing, and will look forward to seeing more of your writings here on SF! :whoo:
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  7. Guestor

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    This reminds me a lot of my high school days. And it is also better than any related poem I could make up.
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