Without You

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  1. Lament

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    Through so many kisses you gave,
    my lungs are breathing only for you.
    You are the only reason in my life,
    without you my life would stop.

    The way my heart trembles for you,
    I could explain it plain and simply,
    for you are the essence in my love.
    Without you I'd feel empty and numb.

    Why I smile when you stare at me,
    I don't need to describe it to you.
    Just listen when I say this in lowliness,
    without you I would cry forever.

    I can say so many lines more for you,
    but my feelings are too much for words.
    Only one more thing that I'll say it,
    without you is a neverending pain.

    Count AK
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.