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I've never felt as alone as I do now. I don't have any which way I can turn. There is no one.

I can't even post this under my real name.

I've fought so hard and its looking like this is really going to kill me now.

I'm not even scared about that. I'm just feeling really, really alone.

No point to this thread, guess I just wanted to at least try one more time.


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Hello, Anonymous

If you don't mind you could always send me a private message. This might make conversing about your problems slightly easier. But this is entirely up to you.

In order to feel less alone, you could introduce yourself and make yourself known. This way. We can get to know you, and you can get to know us. Ofcourse things like this will hold certain concequences, but so do most things in life. Although in the end, you don't know for sure unless you've tried.



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You posted it, therefore, there is a point...if you are comfortable, please join us...you need not identify yourself, in fact, we have guidelines to reduce the amt of personal information...let us know what is going on for you...I am sure there are many ppl here who will understand and provide the support you need at this difficult time...J


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You took the first step by posting here..If you join you don't have to list your real name, or any details as to where you live.. There are lots of people on this forum so you shouldn't feel alone..I felt invisible when I joined and now I have more courage..
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