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    So I am waiting for the train all depressed. Tomorrow I have a meeting. With the h company to go over our test results of their data. Thier tech guy does not seem very interested. I know they're trying to do the same thing. I assume they're having issues or they would not bother with us. I dread the meeting. I should be excited about it. Why do I dread it? First reason is i think they will blow us off so it's a waste of time. Second reason is i believe the test results are bogus. I went and checked them 69 percent are good. 31 percent are potentially undetermined. Which is not bogus. Based on those real numbers i should realize it's doable with the correct data sets. So I should be excited. If they bite with the right money and you succeed then I'll be set. It's such a big if though. Don't forget you did get data from them. And you did make it work well enough to make a positive report
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    So here I am several hours later. Went over the report. It's real data and possible we can do this. I guess all I can do it hope for the best. Meeting is at 9:00 am tomorrow.

    Hopefully I won't wake up depressed. I have a 7:00 am debug session with the guys in England. And a 10:00 meeting with a Israeli company. So hopefully this will all work out.
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    Good luck with the meeting :)
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    thank you.