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Women are so complicated

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I have strong feelings for my ex but I've encouraged her to go on a date with somebody she met online and who works in a store in town. She was prepared to be with me despite my head being in a dark and complicated place. She really loved me and I've never had this kind of admiration in my life before so I didn't know quite how to handle it. We met up the other week and I told her that somebody else asked me out on a date to which I declined in respect to her because she insisted I am her soul mate and the love of her life and that I was enough for her but she still wants to see other people because I wasn't commited enough.

I'm so confused, I'm going to be left alone and single despite her promises and she'll be riding along all happy. I only egged her onto the date because I didn't want her catching my misery and pain. It's a shock because she said she wanted me badly.


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Sounds complicated - but if you love here and want to be with her - buy her some flowers and tell her you want to be more committed.

There are a few things that could be going on here - maybe she is pushing you into jumping in with both feel as it were. Nothing like her dating another man to bring out your TRUE feelings. Maybe a stab of jealousy?

Maybe this depression you have is making it difficult to have a relationship - that said, its difficult regardless no matter how well you are.

Could be worth just telling this women how you really feel - ask her out again - but hurry up because you don't want to lose her on the rebound.

Woman's minds work at a different level to a man's - it seems complicated to us but woman often feel the same about us men.

This is part of the attraction I guess.

Good luck and at least if you try - you won't have some regret hanging over your shoulder. If she says NO - and does not want you - at least you know that and can deal with it.

You won one heart over, so you have it in you to win another one also if it comes to that.

Best wishes, God bless you and guide you to making the right decision.

Be in some silent place - think about this and whether this woman would be good for you.

As for her catching depression off you - its does not work like that. You must be a insightful young man as you recognise it COULD impact on her in a negative way. This is up to you - and whether you have any abusive traits in you or could see you taking things out on her? I'm sure you would not - in fact, it would inspire you to get treatment and help - love can replace some of that 'help' as it can lift your mood and give you some confidence.

Most people just need to come out of themselves a little bit. Depression is like living in your mind - whereas when we feel well in ourselves, when we are doing things, being active and outgoing - we don't dwell in the mind so much or think about ourselves so much either.

Anyhow, you seem like a decent chap to me and despite everything you ought to be planning on getting well again and not having thoughts about living a life of loneliness at the heartbreak hotel and whatever. That's depression up to its old tricks. A regular clown, magician and seedy trickster.


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Hey there,

It's not too late, you can still tell her how you feel about here despite what's happened. It sounds as if you want to too. Get in touch with her again and be honest, only you can do this, :hug: good luck.
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