Women had drove me f*cking nuts.

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    Alright, so I've come to the conclusion, every woman out there is a selfish liar. Sorry ladies, if that offends anyone, quite frankly I don't care, and here's why:

    Throughout this rant I'm going to sound like a chauvanistic asshole, but whatever, I've got reasons.

    The last 4 relationships I've been in have each made me feel like committing suicide, the first one was a with a chick who made it sound like I was her oxygen, and we were going good, one day we were supposed to go out, I find out she decided to hook up with an ex that night instead, she never spoke to me since then, mind you, she did go into my facebook albums and comment all my male friends on how hot they were, nice eh?

    The second chick cut off contact with me completely, I tried getting a hold of her, it was a no go, so I ran into her new years eve, she got mad at me for not calling her or anything, then she told me how much she liked me, and minutes later she left with some guy, her arms were tied around him like a fucking shoelace. I thought about running down and kicking the guys ass, but then I realized she was probably going to screw him over too, besides, it wasn't his fault she's and a heartless unfaithful bitch.

    The third chick never spoke to me after we hooked up, and when she did she accused me of being weird for acting differently the second time we met (I was loaded drunk the first time we met while she was sober, and the second time I was comepletely sober, so naturally I'm not going to be quite the same)

    Anyways, things went OK with her up until a month and a half ago, when she sartedacting really weird, one day he tell me she likes me and wants me and all this, the next day she won't talk to me, gives me dirty looks, the whole bit.

    She also apparently has a thing for her ex, so I said fuck it, I wasn't going to wait around while she tried to make up her min as to which of 4 guys she wanted to go with. (yes, there were 3 other ex's.)

    The next chick was the cherry on the sundae, I've had at least a dozen relationships in my 20 years on this planet, all of them went down hill for me. But I kept saying "I'm just going with the wrong girls, I'll find the right chick eventually". So I meet this girl, I thought she was really different, I had thought I had a good catch.

    Well we went out a couple weeks ag, and she would not stop hitting on my friend, which was annoying the shit out of me, but anyways, tonight she planned n me going with her, and I said alright, she planned it out, there was supposed to be a party going on so she wanted me to come with her as her date. Well she decided to stand me up. My guess is she decided to fuck some other guy instead.
    I tried calling a few times, she wouldn't answer her cell, so I said fuck it.

    I got so pissed off about it, tonight I've come to the conclusion every girl out there is a selfish, unfaithful, lying, lusting bitch.

    Since I've been old enough to have relationships with girls this shit has been happening. I always tried turning the other cheek and saying I just go with the wrong girls, but I've been with every different social group of girls out there, I've dated cheerleaders, emos, nerds, party girls... I've been around the block a couple times, every girl I met along the way has been nothing but a heartache.

    Every girl I get involved with throws me away like a piece of trash, and everytme I just end up feeling depressed and angry.

    Well I'm sick of being depressed and angry all the time, I'm NEVER happy, I'm only content when I'm drunk, in fact the only reason I don't just kill myself is because I don't want my parents to feel depressed and angry, I have the decency of not wanting to put someone through that.
    To be honest though, I've got no reason to live, my friends may like me, but they could get along just fine in life without me, my family doesn't like me one bit, they love me, but they don't like me.... I've got shit all.

    And to top things off, the only reason I think I'm sane is the fact that I think I'm going insane, if that makes any sense.
    Tonight I got so pissed off I started punching myself in the face, with hopes that maybe I'll run into one of the girls who has fucked me over, and they might feel an ounce of sorrow for my pathetic ass, and if I can make them feel bad, I might just feel good.

    The other day I sniffed butaine, took a hunting knife, and carved into my thighs... How messed up is that? That is how fucked up I've gotten, I'm at the point where I've got nothing better to do than sniff harmful fluids and cut myself. My life is a goddamn joke, I'm even named after a clown (I'm not posting my name here, but if you heard it you would laugh).

    I'm so frustrated that I chewed my fingernails to nothing, I've had uclers as a result of being stressed out, my eye has even started twitch uncontrollably.

    My faith in women has gotten so low that I've actually considered homosexuality as a means of finding someone I can relate to (and at no point in my life have I ever had any sexual attraction whatsoever to a man).

    There is no drug I won't try just to feel a little tiny bit better, I could care less what the side effects are, if something makes me feel better for a day, but will shorten my life by 10 years pass it over, that's how little I care.

    A few timesI've even thought to myself it would be nice if my parents died soon so I could kill myself guilt free... So how fucking sick am I? I feel horrible for ever having those thoughts, but I can't help it, my life is seriously fucked up beyond reapair.

    I'll be honest, I'm not posting here for advice or anything like that, if you have any, I wouldn't mind hearing it, maybe someone out there has been in my spot, I kinda doubt it, but who knows, to be honest, I'm just posting this because I wanted to get it off my chest, I play it cool like I don't care all the time, my friends think I'm as cool as a popsickle when it comes to dealing with relationship issues, and life in general, the truth is I'm a weak piece of shit who's good at acting, everyone thinks I'm some macho asshole, maybe I'm an asshole, but on the inside I'm weaker than the fucking 1lb man.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum :hug: you can count me out of the 'all women are selfish liars though' im honest:tongue: take care :hug:
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    Ha! Seconds after posting this she messaged me saying hi, I said hey, whats up? then she said "going to bed, night"... Fuck this, Fuck life, I'm going to go drink until my mind goes on vacation, I am sick of this shit man, I get mindfucked by a woman on a daily basis, and it's a huge downer, I treat every girl Im with like prince fucking charming, you wouldn't think it from my outburst, but I treat every girl I am ever with like she's gold.

    My buddy is telling me on the computer right now how ridiculous it is girls fuck me over like this, and I never even brought up the subject, so obviously I'm not aone in thinking this way... WTF is up with women, why the fuck are they sadistic?

    Any girl I talk to says they're just playing hard to get, in my eyes, that's bullshit.

    How is it supposed to be a flirt tactic (or w/e you want to call it) by cheating on someone, ignoring them, and treating them like the dog that shits on the lawn all too often?!?!?!

    I am truly sick of this, I know I sound like a total fucking whiner right now, but whatever, I can't deal with this anymore, I need to vent it out in some way, so this is the way.

    Anyways, I'm going to go mix a few drinks and punch myself some more, because for whatever rason doing that feels better than pouting.
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    yeah I'm quite fed up with the female population and have lost faith in it, women are all whores who jump from one guys bed to the next anyway these days it seems.
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    why so sexist? and filled with hatred?
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    Women could make a lot of the same points about men. It's not about one sex or another, it's about individuals. I've been unfortunate enough to be fucked about by all the men I've known, but at the same time I accept that not all men are like that.

    Maybe if you stick around here long enough you'll see the same for women?

    Take care,
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    i agree with lauren

    not every women the same hun :hug:
  8. Hi Joe. I understand some of your frustrations with women. My last girlfriend took a few weeks after I met her, to decide whether or not she wanted to go back with her ex. She decided against it, yet she remained friends with him for most of the four month relationship I had with her. She broke up with me a few days prior to my birthday and she told me that we could remain friends. Then, she completely disappeared. I wouldn't be surprised if she went back to her ex.

    It seems to me that alot of women end up with men who treat them badly, leaving good men in favor of bad men. Then, alot of women end up complaining about how horrible they think men are, however, that is because those women are with bad men. Another problem is, when these women do find good men to be with, these women hurt the guys because they can't differentiate between good and bad anymore, caused by having been hurt so much by bad men.

    Anyways, if you'd like to talk with me, pm to me. I have MSN as well.
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    I would be careful about suggesting that women actively seek out bad men. That's not how it works.

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    I have been with several men over the last twenty years, and most of them were abusive assholes. But I distrust them only, and not the entire male population. I won't bash all males cause I've had some bad relationships. I"m sorry you've had such awful relationships with women. But please don't believe that all women are like that. It may seem that way, but it isn't so. There are more good men and women than bad, it's just that when you're hurting, the bad stands out more. I'm sorry.:sad:
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    I am sick and tired of seeing these hateful post about women. I just got out of a 10 year marriage to an abusive man who tried to kill me several times along with every form of abuse you can think of. Before that I dated one jerk after another. But you know what! I don't go around saying I hate men or all men are like that. It might just be that attitude that drives them away you know. We can pick up on it even when you don't say it.
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    I would like to comment...

    ... No comment.


    I was taught to bottle it up.
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    How true. A lot of the times the guys who are claiming to be good men are actually jerks who just pride themselves that they are these good, perfect guys. I know my husband was always claiming how good of a man he was and putting down women in the same regards.

    And a lot of time the abusers are so good at acting they seem good guys even for years before abuse starts. How do you think they get away with it? They act so kind and gentlemanly toward everyone but their partner so when she finally tries to tell people he's abusive they don't believe it and think she's crazy or lying. And to top it off there are these men who consider themselves "good guys" who'll support the jerk and blame it on the woman just because they make stupid assumptions about women. It must always be the womans fault.

    In relationships both parties are going to make mistakes and rarely is it the fault of one party. Even I made mistakes in my abusive marriage. That didn't warrant the abuse nor did I seek it out. I didn't cause it, provoke it, or deserve it. But of course he made it out that everything was my fault and all women are bad and after your money and so on.

    Then sometimes a guy is just jealous and insecure and when he sees a man woman are attracted to he assumes he must be a jerk when he may be the nicest guy in the world.
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    well said, at last a sensible post. It does get quite tiresome reading posts of 'all men are idiots', 'all women are liars' etc etc. Sigh. Maybe you're just hanging with the wrong crowd. Granted though it is hard sometimes to determine who's kosher and who isn't.
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    Come one fishman, you can't really believe that all women are whores. I'm sure that there are nice women still left in the world just like there are nice guys still left in the world. I think the problem is that nice guys and nice girls generally aren't attracted to each other. Players will recognize other players and steer clear of them. Also, women don't consciously seek out abusive relationships. Though, unconsciously they might gravitate towards aggresive males, due to past relationships.
  16. Lead Savior

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    Sometimes people subconsciously seek out assholes to be with.

    This goes both for the guy in this post who seems to find heartless wenches and the woman who made the man-hating post weeks ago who seems to find chauvinistic sex-obsessed men.

    Of course no one will ever admit that perhaps the places they frequent (parties, bars, clubs) is a good place to meet selfish people that are full of themselves, or that their personality type is attracted to extroverted, overconfident people, etc.
  17. BlackPegasus

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    My abuser was so shy, insecure, and introverted...That's why everyone was always telling him how sweet he was and how lucky I was to find him. Yeah lucky me! If only they saw the way he was at home.

    Also we met in the military. Not the partying/bar type here nor was he. Neither of us drank. Just goes to show how hard it is to predict how someone will turn out.
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    Same. Everyone thinks he's lovely.

  19. BlackPegasus

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    :hug: Oh I truly feel for you. Are you still with him?
  20. LetItGo

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    Theres a minority of people that are just bad news, sociopaths for want of a better word. They really shouldnt be in any relationship, both male and female.

    Then there are some people that behave in an entirely differant way from relationship to relationship. My father for example, he changed massively when he left my mother. I see him with his current wife, his cut down his drinking and underwent a major personality transplant, his a much better husband now then he was 20 years ago. Admittedly, he had a few years of the single life to reflect on where things went wrong...

    Youve had some shockers, but theres a girl out there waiting for you, the trick is finding her.