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Women who are into moobs (man boobs)


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Not me in particular, haha!

But I known plenty of people who are into generally overweight people, including moobs~ My boyfriend belongs to this group of people LOL.
Interesting.have you ever known any women who may have expressed an interest in playing with a set of man knockers?

BTW,I'm totally serious about this,the use of extreme language is a device to help take the "s******" factor out of this subject.

I am a man and I have large breasts.


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I honestly know that there are plenty of ladies out there who would enjoy it. :)

I make money drawing stuff for people (especially fetish art), and I get a lot of commissions for such things. Even if not specifically moob-fetish, overweightness and all around is a VERY common fetish in my experience.

(Also, I didn't mean to sound like I wasn't taking you seriously in my first post! Really sorry about that!)
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"Even if not specifically moob-fetish, overweightness and all around is a VERY common fetish in my experience."
Do you think that this fetish translates over into real life desires?I am kind of coming out as a chubby at this time in my life,only to my self really,denial is so convenient.

And it is okay to talk about this humorously.Please do not think I was scolding you.It's just that when one brings up a topic that is somewhat,shall we say, removed from the norm on the internet,it can bring either a dismissive or mocking reaction.

But you have talked open and honestly to me,thank you,you have expanded my knowledge. :)


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Do you think that this fetish translates over into real life desires?
I think to a certain extent it always does! I've always found myself interested in quite a lot of fetish stuff in art/fiction. I've always felt that these desires were linked to the whole fantasy side of it and that I am less interested in these things in real life.

HOWEVER. All of these things are based off real life, after all, and I don't think it's possible to have a fetish that is genuinely ONLY linked to fantasy. Even though I sometimes feel bad I can't help but kind of enjoy odd stuff in real life as well.

My boyfriend always said he was only into drawings of fatties, but yet he tries to feed and feed me... :P

And really, I do think it's one of the most common fetishes, at least in the art community I hang around in. I'm afraid I don't really know much about actual real life fetish stuff, though. :mad: artist*

Edit: Lol, read that again and I'm not sure I made any sense. Hope you know what I mean! :P
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That is very intriguing what you say in regards to fatties being a fetish in your art community.You don't happen to have any life drawing tutors within your biotic community do you?

As a youth aspiring to be an artist I remember drawing many overweight ladies.
I always considered that they were chosen for the challenge shadowing and adding layers upon layers.It did not strike until i read what you have said that they may have been presented to the class as a form of appreciation for alternative beauty.

I do know what you saying.I do ,I do. :)
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Well, this ''community'' is more online really, heh! People are so shy about fetishes in real life... I:

I've drawn numerous large men in life drawing classes too though!
@Mirikun-Mainstream culture has been promoting extreme body modifications for the purposes of feeding popular fetishes for decades,you should not feel shy about what tweaks your interest.
For instance,although I do not wish to partake in sado masochism but it does seem to require healthier cooperative emotional foundations between the participants than most "regular" couples care to practice.
What I'm attracted to is complicated (and rather different from the norm) I won't bother with the specifics.
As a friend mentioned to me "No mere mortal can ever hope to understand your sexuallity" my mother openly said to me "Your the only one I could never work out." (in reference to me begin gay or not I refuse to tell her either HAH)

but yes Gynocomasita "could" be a very attractive trait on a partner overweight or not, What I'd be drawn to would be strong feelings you feel about that trait. Positive or negative emotions as long as they are strong. Both evoke a deep sense of desire inside me.
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The girl I'm pursuing at the moment is into "fat" guys, I'm not sure exactly what that involves but it seems like it could contain "moobs".
@Pebbles1726-You are just being you,which must be difficult at times because so many people are coerced into promoting one linear aspect of their being.
Good for you! :)
You could be straight in the morning,gay in the afternoon and bi in the evening as far as i am concerned,it is all still "you".:stars:

@aeou-Many women are interested in breasted men,so do not discount the possibility.There is the famous instance of a male gambler who took up the challenge of having a boob job for a year.He won the bet and kept the boobs afterwards.His reason being that his sex life had never been so exciting,he had discovered kinky women.Yay!

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