Women who bully and/or sexually violate.

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    Does anyone want to share experiences of girls, or women who have been bullied and/or sexually violated in any way (verbal/physical) by other women, and their thoughts on why they were treated this way?

    What I found in my experience, and there were 4 women who fall into this pattern- they tend to call themselves fucking 'feminists' and intellectuals, and try and support me in one way, while digging their knives into whatever part of my body in another when it becomes clear, I'm not all talk but consistent action and thought, which shows in how well I am now, especially when it comes to challenging others' behaviour, and breaking silences that has lasted years.

    All I can conclude is some women, especially those who are in their own hell, hate to see another heal, fight and live and be sexually confident or attractive, or have ANY voice different from "I hate myself and my Abuser and I want to die." Because that does not address what some women do to each other, regardless of gender/sexual orientation (another issue with me) which is hold each other down, gag, suffocate, kick and spit on their faces if they attempt to get up, articulate, and most of all HAVE NO SHAME for whatever prolonged abuse meant for them, their bodies and strong sexuality.

    That, and innocence is one of the reasons why I was treated this way. Because abuse can fuck up people beyond repair IF they don't protect themselves well, as I've experienced with some women around me who in turn, can turn into an abuser themselves- because they hate to see sexual innocence they have lost- which, I have because I fought to keep myself alive as a child through whatever means.

    It's similar to the saying that the bullied can become bullies. And this is exactly what I've found out.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?
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