Women who don't want children.

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  1. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Why are we considered weird?

    And before anyone says I'll "change my mind" I have been like this since I was a child myself, if I ever got a toy baby it made me severly uncomfortable. I am tocophobic and frankly cannot think of anything worse than breeding.

    So why am I being vilified all the time for it, it's almost making me prejudiced against breeders! If a man says he doesn't want kids it's accepted.

    But as a woman every time I say I don't want kids I get stared at like I'm Myra Hindley.

    There is even an ARTICLE in thr Daily Mail about why employers should avoiding taking on staff in the form of women who don't want children. I was enraged!

    So...why are we considered so weird? I'm dying to know!
  2. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    i feel the same way. i couldnt think of anything worse than having a child.
    i guess we get looked at weird bc its typical for females to be caring and to want children unlike males (or rather more than males). so if a woman does not want a child than theres gotta be something wrong with her or something??
    it makes me angry to be told that ill change my mind. i mean who is anyone to tell me how i feel and what i want?
  3. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Speaking as a man (just to give an alternative viewpoint) *strokes stubble to show his manliness ;) *, even though I'm 20, I can't see myself having kids when I'm older. I can't think of anything worse than having a child - but perhaps that's down to my current situation in life: At uni, got a job to get at the end of it, not settled down in life yet and such.
  4. Datura

    Datura Well-Known Member

    Because it's hardwired into most females, and most people have children, so the majority rules.

    Maybe you should just stop caring what others think.
  5. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    well we still live under the mentality that females were born to breed...before it was religion(and still does in some places) that said to have as many babies as possible...

    but most people don't seem to think about what having a baby consist...its a big commitment and once you have it, you can just throw it away when you don't feel up to it, you have to deal with it...

    as a woman I don't want children...it was hard on my mom who wants grandchildren so she uses my guinea pigs as grandchildren lol....but she respects my wishes...she knows that in the state I am at the moment, having children would not be good for both the child or me...sometimes not have any children is the better option I think...

    the irony is that I'm very motherly, I love children, babies, but then when I've had enough I get to go home and be alone...and so that is enough motherhood for me lol :)
  6. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Is it hardwired into most women or is that a myth to keep the population going?

    I care about what my future employers think, seeing as I don't want to be jobless!
  7. Bubble

    Bubble Well-Known Member

    We, along with our parents and their parents etc are bought up on family values, we are constantly discussing our future, studying, job, house, family, husband.. Its a normalcy to discuss children because 'back in the day' the womans job was to raise the children and take care of the house.
    Its US now who have changed that perception, more and more women are entering the workforce, leaving children in daycare or even waiting till they're 30+ to settle down, get married, have kids.
    Its a mix of the lazy 'y' & perhaps x gen + our own standards that we seem to leave everything so late.
    Nobody HAS to have children, thats their own doing (literally) but its an expected part of society, nobody can help but think twice when someone says they dont want children because it really isnt all that common.
    People will get over the fact you dont want children, but you cant get angry at someone for thinking theres something wrong, because it IS something we all have discussed many many times during our life i am sure.
  8. Kendle

    Kendle Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's the whole 'carry on the human race' thing. Though I can't help but think that it is arguably better for women of our society to seriously consider when and even IF they want to have kids. If you don't want to, then you shouldn't be pressured to, by employers or society. Kids take money, time, attention, all things that deserve thought before accepting responsibility for. And they certainly put a strain on a relationship.
  9. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Well-Known Member

    A woman not wanting children would probably get preferential treatment to other women by an employer; no worries of maternity leave issues.
  10. PollyAnna

    PollyAnna Account Closed

    Hell no am I procreating!

    I totally agree with you.
  11. damage.case

    damage.case Well-Known Member

    Love your name! Anyways, the human race doesn't need more help to carry on. There are too many people as it is. People should be encouraged to not procreate.
  12. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Depends who you're talking about. There are definately SOME people that just shouldn't be having kids.....Lol
  13. Datura

    Datura Well-Known Member

    Hard to say. Maybe its influence comes from both society and a biological urge. Although I tend to believe that with education and rational, selfless thought, alleged "urges" can be eradicated.
  14. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    It's not about wanting to play with baby dolls and toys and things of that nature. You will want at least a child within the next 15 years, if you make it that far, that's a fact.

    It is "hardwired" into the core of your genetic makeup to reproduce and nurture offspring to continue the human species. It's the purpose and reason for you having a vagina and a uterus and a menstrual cycle, and breasts that will produce nutrients to feed an infant for years. Even if you don't like children now in your younger years, you'll experience a maddening drive to mate as you grow; which will serve to increase your chances of reproducing.
  15. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Actually the reason for me having a vagina is for a little relief here and there, with men (usually) as I'm heterosexual......AREN'T WE ALL????

    Fucks sake. That reply was a joke to make me think the world is pig ignorant, right?
  16. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    *ignores supposed sarcasm and gets literal anyway*

    Girl, please. The only reason you feel pleasurable sensation during intercourse (or even simulations of intercourse) is because it makes the act of causing an egg to be fertilized, something to be craved. Your vagina is there for 1) a male's penis to enter semen to fertilize at least one egg, 2) to act as a birth canal for a child to move from the womb and into the world, and 3) to expel uterine lining that built up for 28 days harboring an unfertilized egg.

    FYI pigs are among the most intelligent mammals on the planet, but okay.
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  17. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    As far as the discrimination, it's obvious why most people would seem confused about a woman who claims to never want children, but I wouldn't condone it. To each her own.
  18. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    I'm 28 years old and to be honest I don't want children, I spent my childhood, teens and early adult life taking care of other people's kids, of other people and all that and now I'm running on empty...I can't babysit anymore and to be honest, I can barely tolerate pets let alone a child....maybe in my late 30s I might change my mind but as of now I don't want children...
  19. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Some women like women though, so it's nothing to do with fertilizing an egg.

    As soon as I get my fucking operation there will be no eggs to sterilise, I can't wait.

    And it was a figure of speech, pigs are indeed intelligent.
  20. lostbutnotfound

    lostbutnotfound Well-Known Member

    Prinnctophers Belt - I don't think you can state what people will want in 15 years as a fact. I know some women who are in their 50's and haven't had children, and don't want children. I know women in their 30's who are adamant they will never have children. It's not all about the body, everyone is individual. I don't want children, I'm 21, and I am positive, if I ever got further in life, I would not want children.

    It is most definitely a personal choice, and women being looked down upon over making the right choice for them, and their life, and their body, well those choices are a basic human right! It baffles me that in this day and age, we, as females, can be judged on this, where as men seem to get away scot free!
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