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    Well lately I've come to realize one-on-one therapy sessions with a 'professional' just isn't working. I hate the meds I'm taking (lexapro) and the last time my script ran out I thought I could quit it, and it hit me like a ton of bricks a few days later. I'm gonna try to visit group sessions with people who've been there, not someone who's educated and thinks they understand.

    What's worse is I just cut again downstairs and damn did it feel good. Feeling the burn from the cuts and seeing the blood well up was really just too satisfying. :unsure: Why do I enjoy hurting myself?
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    Self harm is a way of coping. It is a strategy used to escape rather than face what hurts. I am sorry it doesn't seem one on one therapy is helping, but if you are comfortable with group then continue there. It may be that you have not found the right therapist for you. I know what you mean aboutstopping the meds.They don't tell you what happens when you try to quit. It isn't like stopping antibiotics or something. I know I never would have started had I known the difficulties of withdrawing.