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Wondering if I am an Empath


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This is so random, but based on a relationship with someone that just ended, I've started to wonder if I'm an empath. I don't fully understand what that is, and of course, I'm just looking online for info, but so much of it seems to fit.

The reason it even became a question is that my ex told me once that I shouldn't come to him with my problems (he said this to someone who suffers from depression). He said it was because he was "too empathetic, and it taxed him." I found that to be such a strange thing to say from someone that I felt had little empathy for others (we are peers and he often shit talked other people to me in private and I didn't hear a lot of sympathy coming from him). So, I got this idea to look up "narcissists who say they are empathetic" and got a surprisingly large amount of returns back. I found that I was checking off a bunch of boxes for myself in the empath category (and he fit the narcissist profile a little better).

That's all fine and dandy, but I started to think about some things and there is one really strange quality about me. My dreams. They are so intense, but they seem to be responding to something. This has only happened a few of times, but...

Years ago I dreamt that a good friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years was in serious distress. I contacted her and found out she'd tried to kill herself.

Recently, I was having really intense dreams of my ex. They were so strong I came to believe he was having the same dreams at the same time. About two months ago, after not speaking for months, I had a dream where he said, "I did love you." When I woke up, I was filled with such feelings of love, and and though I didn't feel great about him being gone, it felt so real and good. Like he was reaching out to let me know he did care for me. Several hours later that same day I got an email from him, apologizing for how things ended. We had not spoken in months, and in our last exchange he suggested we not speak again. It could definitely be a coincidence, but what timing. My friend said that when I had talked about my relationship with him there were certain things about it that made her believe he and I had a really deep connection.

Has anyone every experienced that? I'm not really into psychic powers or anything like that, but these are just two examples I can recall where something about my dreams has connected to something or someone in the real world. And it feels like it could be connected to being an empath. So, I'm curious to learn more.

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Thanks for sharing. I must admit I had to look up this term because I had never heard of it. It sounds like you could be onto something but I don't think it's a psychic thing, I just think you are good at reading people and think of others a lot. Like you are unconsciously reconnecting with people you think are going through a rough time


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Empathy is the ability to understand others' struggles, mostly by seeing yourself in their issues. I get this definition from this video:

@A_J_R, I think you have a special unconsciousness that can recognize subtle cues of others' feelings.

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