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    After 6 years of continuous abuse to me from aged 6 and assaults on 12 other young girls, that piece of scum gets sentenced in late 2008 to 8 pathetic years.... next year he's supposed to be dragging his carcass out of that place but I guess being a Peadophile isnt a crime anymore. as hes been out since 2013 but its not worth informing people till now clearly. This fucking earth. seriously. Well if karma serves all involved right then they'l have to deal with the after effects for their children and childrens children. so maybe then it will be someone worthwhile enough to have someone properly sentenced and stop making a joke of this whole thing. Must have been a tory.
    This has sent me off the rails
    and im done
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    Words can not describe how angry I am at your behalf - this man should be in jail for life. Will he have to register as a sex offender? At the very least that will make his life more difficult. Are you allowed to notify parents of young girls that this scum is now living nearby?

    i am deeply sorry for what you sent though. Are you getting any therapy? It is a hard thing, to be gentle and loving with yourself when you're so full of rage but you are worth every bit of love that comes your way. Please take care of yourself.
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    The law sometimes works for them but not us the real victims. A measly 6 years for assaulting 13 girls is an absolute disgrace. And then they leave him out early without informing you...just unthinkable but I am glad that ye got the conviction at least as so many people (myself included) don't get that. I'm a firm believer that pedophiles should NEVER be left out.

    Are you seeing a therapist? Keep writing out your feelings it might help.