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  1. Kaos General

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    I guess i was right not to build up any hopes. Got a letter today saying that im being discharged from the Outpatients unit at hospital because their is essentially nothing they can do because they believe my liver would not be able to cope with anymore treatment. Never mind that the Hep C has already fucking done that anyway. Please dont bother with replies like oh look on the bright side, or surely their is something they can do etc. I dont need it and dont wanna hear it anymore
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    sits and hugs angerfist. Life is not fair. Thinking of u xx
  4. WildCherry

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    Seems pretty cold that they said all this to you in a letter. :hug: I know there's not much anyone can say to make you feel better. You know where I'm at if you need anything.
  5. black orchid

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    Don't really know what to say that i haven't already said :S but like Alison said you know where i am :hug:
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    Im sorry :console:
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    well you know what time to go to another hospital okay another doctor They cannot simply give up. You need to go else where then to get treatment needed to keep you stable
  8. IV2010

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    :i'm sorry: Wayne..you must be feeling pretty damned awful...*hugs* for you.

    here if you need me..
  9. Kaos General

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    Yep and i get people almost daily asking if i have.

    Forget i even said anything. I shouldve known all i would get was why dont you go and see a new doctor etc. Just wondering how many doctors i should go through? 3...4...5??? I cannot have any treatment. None at all because it will cause liver failure.
  10. 41021

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    Truly Truly sorry you are going through this

    I'm in a similar space. WTF. More f-ing doctors, i think fucking not! It gets old, it gets tiring, they can't do anything anyway.

    I hate to see you give up all hope though, honestly. I do wish that hope comes back around your way again and perhaps a glimmer of light shimmers through. It's a bad bad space when she evades you.

    **hug** for you if you want it.
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    sorry and how rude of them, but they only "believe" doesnt mean its definite. i know you dont want to hear it, but they believe means they think, means they are not sure...either way its sux that they write to say to you "sod off". if you are resigned, at least do it in full possession of facts, make appt to see your doc and ask him/her exactly why they believe, you wont feel any worse.

    anyways.... so sorry :console::cheekkiss
  12. Kaos General

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    The reason i am resigned to it is because this isn't the first time this has happened. Ive been through this before when they put me through 6 months of hell on interferon. Then they tried me on interferon combined with ribavarin, neither has worked and they think if they put me through this new drug called telpravir then that mixed with interferon would damage my liver beyond any help. My liver is just about hanging on and is still able to work properly. Its damaged but its stable. Eventually it will get worse but at the moment thats the best i can hope for
  13. total eclipse

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    perhaps they are hoping a new set of drugs come out as well and want to keep your liver for now working as it is If it gets worse perhaps then they will try new drug i don't know as i am not the professional but it does not hurt to have more opinions more professionals to help you your gp should not give up nor should anyone
  14. Kaos General

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    The only option they have at the moment is more interferon. Interferon is essentially chemotherapy. I have had 3 rounds of it. Even if they were to offer it again im not really sure i want to put myself through that for another 6 months. Interferon is just nasty. Its 1000 times worse than when i detoxed off methadone. But it lasted a lot longer
  15. total eclipse

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    I know hun it is awful makes you weak and sick i know you have to decide that one but i hope they do come up with more options soon i do hope that for you h ugs
  16. Kaos General

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    As long as my liver is working i dont really care. If they come up with something that has more than a 20% chance of working then i might consider it