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  1. xXWhateverItTakesXx

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    Well, I haven't cut for about a month now. My BF really hated it when I did. so I stopped. Ha, that's so much easier said than done, I've just about been able to cope with his help. Now we kinda had a row and a bit of a fight, and I feel so angry at him. I started to punch stuff, and it felt really good, just to feel pain.

    I want to cut so much, I miss seeing the blood and feeling so good. I don't think I can stop myself...
  2. tm2h

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    hey well done on not harming for a month you should be proud of yourself. Try not to beat yourself up i know easeir said than done. but you can do this.
    Are there any disstractions that you could try instead of wanting to hurt yourself
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