Words Can Hurt

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    ~Words Can Hurt Me~
    *I don’t want them to*
    *Its Going To Happen*
    ~Once it starts~
    * I Cannot Stop iT*
    *I Do Not Know Its Happening*
    ~I Change~
    *What’s Inside Must Come Out*
    ~Put there by others~
    **Imploding ~EXPLODING**
    *With Words*
    ~NOT MINE~
    ~Fight OR Flight~
    *To UNLEASH the anger from within*
    ~At you~
    **The Messenger**
    ~You are not them~
    ~I am not HER~
    ~This is Wrong~
    *I do not want to be like them*
    *****ABUSE IS WRONG*****
    ~Into the Dark~
    **To the PAIN**
    ~I am ME again~
    *IT hurts*
    ~I HURT YOU~
    *The Messenger*
    ~I am Sorry~

    ~My Words~
    *They Hurt Me*

    PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is an anxiety condition that some people get after experiencing an extremely frightening or life-threatening experience. It can also be caused by witnessing a dangerous occurrence. Symptoms include flashbacks to the event, nightmares, hyper-vigilance, exaggerated startle response, anger, insomnia and avoidance of certain places, people or activities. PTSD triggers cause these symptoms.

    Dissociation is a person's unconscious attempt at self-protection against an overwhelming and traumatic experience, such as may result from severe and prolonged maltreatment, sexual abuse, and/or neglect during childhood. The mind separates itself from an event or the environment so it can maintain some degree of order and sense.
    Dissociation responses vary by individual. But some common dissociation experiences include:
    Developing significant personality changes and problems with mental processes.
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    I feel the same way
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    pisces1, Thank you for sharing this, it is very insightful. :hug::courage:
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    Soulreaper.. I am sorry you feel this way too. It is so hard to deal with day in and day out. :hug:
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    unionfalls Thank you for all your care and support. :hugsquish::thankyoukiss: