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    I wish that I could say something, send you something, tell you something that would make it all feel better. But I know not what to say or do. For me. Or for you. Once more, I reach across that mighty ocean and feel for your touch; for your hands and for your love. Hold on. Please hold on to me tightly. Hold on and never let go. Of my love. Stare at the sky, for it is the same sky that I stare at without comprehension; the same one that bonds us, the vastness of which both scares and gives out hope. Though the proportions of which are never equal. The sky is beauty. And we shall exist together beneath this cosmic canopy of hope and despair. Breathe in the air that sometimes chokes us and against our will; keeps us alive. I still believe in the hope that death will extinguish forever. And I believe in us. There is still so much to be seen and to be done.

    My dearest one.
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    Oh Alison;

    You have helped me immeasurably by your words, your faith, and your friendship.:smile: Yesterday was horribly bad, today is some better.:smile: :smile: I still am confused and frustrated, but the pictures of Cambridge cheer me and inspire me and give me something to look forward to.:smile: :smile: :smile:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    love always,

    least xoxoxox

    I thought my reservoir of hope was empty, but you filled it! Thank you for pulling me out of the pit I'd fallen into.
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