Words hurt, More than you'll ever know!!

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Do you think mean words are hurtful and drive you to hurt yourself?

  1. Yes

  2. No, I dont let it get to me

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  3. Just let it in one ear, and out the other

  4. I have attempted to hurt myself because of it

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  1. helpahurtingperson

    helpahurtingperson New Member

    Feeling useless
    Wanting to take my life
    Family that don't care
    If I'm injured or if I die!
    Being called names
    That make you feel so ashamed
    of being alive in this world
    All your flaws are showing being unfurled.
    Having someone in your life that makes you feel like dirt
    Calling you out, showing your many flaws, It just really hurts
    They say sticks and stones may break your bones but words would never hurt
    They're very wrong very wrong, might as well take a knife and shove it down your throat
    Words can lead to harmful things
    People dying because of Bullying
    So I say to you before you go
    Love yourself because your life is worth to show.
    Just please, please just try
    you are worth it. people don't know what your going through
    unless they look deep into your eyes
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