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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by thenewsoftheworld, Dec 24, 2014.

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  1. i realize now that my faith is to be alone that i may never know love again for my crimes against the one i vowed to be with and protect God has decided this is to be my punishment to see love yet never have it to know love yet never feel it to watch as others are loved. my life has calaspt where i was once happy and able to give others happiness now i suffer alone in dark praying for a light that will not come back to me. for the longest time people have been telling me that there is a calling on my life that the reason for my existence but i know not what that is I’ve ask God for some sort of answer some sort of guidance but no answer i wish to know my propose just once id like to feel my light once again i would give my soul to know joy not just to pretend to the world that i am fine. this world is cruel why does God punish those who take their own life when they are weak and sad they look to him for help but when none comes they believe that he has forgotten them. truly these are my words of sorrow.
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    Sometimes we do not see the answers that are given to us but in time we will don't give up ok hope is there just hidden that all
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    God doesn't exist, make your own fate and stop waiting for a non-existent entity to do it for you. Best advice I can give. If you insist on believing in religion then you can look at it as, god does nothing for humans, adam and eve fucked that over for us, god works in mysterious ways, blah blah, so stop waiting for god to do anything for you and do it for yourself. We only have one life to live and it only gets better when we pick ourselves up and work on improving ourselves in any way possible so that other people will view us differently and be more likely to give us a chance.
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    :welcome_mouse: I do hope things improve for you, merry christmas my friend :hug:
  6. just need somebody to talk to without judging me or my feelings
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    You can talk to me if you like. Definitely will not judge you.
  8. I hope you get a ton of replies and know there are people to talk to. I'm grateful to have found this site tonight after spending Christmas laying flowers for my mother, father and grandfather. I am a survivor and have been judged and so much more that no one deserves to go through. I am here to lend an ear also if you would like to talk.
  9. Well said. Answers come when we are ready to receive them. I've realized it takes strength and courage and the pain never goes away. I focus on memories, the legacy left behind by my parents, and I share their story. It took 5 years to realize it's ok to talk about this and we can help people going forward.
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