Words Vs Intent (NOT a political post)

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    I don't want to start or engage in any political discussions as a result of me posting this. I just need to get it out as it has affected me negatively.

    The recording of Trump (soap opera cameo) released last Friday has been difficult to avoid the last few days. It has been everywhere. Many people have taken offense at the choice of words used (the "P" word) as opposed to the bigger and more important issue - that of him supporting/bragging about sexually assaulting women.

    I have a particularly strong abhorrence to the "P" word. That word is triggering to me, however, what is more triggering is the idea/thought that people can be "grabbed" and the manner in which these words were spoken.

    The manner was very reminiscent of someone in my past when things became bad. This has been really bloody difficult to handle. Trying to remain present in the presence of others when my opinion about this recording was asked, over and over. Trying to get rid of certain images coming to mind, certain feelings. Trying to contol the panic felt. Trying to appear "normal".

    The only place this recording would not have reached the past week would have been a deserted island and I wish I were there.
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    You know, I don't even follow the news anymore? I only go to celebrity gossip sites out of boredom sometimes, and that video even made it there! I have turned into a "headline reader" only. Even though my curiosity is there, I refuse to read further or listen to tapes, watch videos etc...because I know how they make me feel. I don't go to social media sites, I avoid all that crap. But that's me. I'm sorry it triggered your thoughts so badly. People have told me that avoiding the media will render me ignorant, but ignorance is bliss and I'm very okay with that.
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    Its already yesterdays news like everything else people find more stuff to gossip about.
    Its political no pun indeed. Just a part of a bad chess match and sorry that its affecting you in this manner.
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    Thank you both.

    I logically know better, sometimes things affect you when you least expect it.
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