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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Sammakko..., Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    Sooo... Anyone want to share most disgusting things what people have said to you?

    And how long that bothered your mind?
  2. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I would have to say being called a mistake all thru your childhood.. That you never should of happened and you will never be anything..
  3. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    That is sad and hurtfull
  4. jnine

    jnine Well-Known Member

    that is mean Stranger1 and long lasting pain as well.

    When i was 11 my told me

    "i don't love you, i only said that you'd think someone did" and then he laughed.
  5. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    "Put your hands down you little homo (or coward)" - thousands of times while growing up trying to protect myself from getting knocked out. I don't know why my father even bothered, I always dropped my hands when he punched me in the stomach. When I hear those two words, homo or coward, it completely ruins the rest of my day.
  6. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    That is SO mean!
  7. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    Horrible bluegrey =(

    Do you think it is possible 'get over it' or is it something what fallow in the grave?

    Can anyone say how to deal with words which hurt? How to get over them and get them stop ghosting at every place?
  8. jnine

    jnine Well-Known Member

    Oh, that is terrible bluegrey, the words are bad enought but the physical abuse just backs it up in an almost inescapable manor. After my father laughed i made the mistake of crying, and then he beat me for crying and laughed some more. Families, all the way f**ked up.

    I have thought about this too Sammakko..., long long years trying every way i could to escape them. Now i think maybe we really can't, and perhaps even shouldn't . I think those cruelties of our pasts are defining elements in who we are now and we would be very different, maybe less with out them. i say that carefully because for me those particular words weren't accuastions, they were just a clear truth. i wasn't loved or even liked, i was an odd child who was just not enough in the shared real to be part of things. i grew up into an odd woman and spend alot of my energy trying to find a way to persist. as much as my father neglected and outright injured me maybe i wouldn't have the desire to find a way to be real if he hadn't so clearly defined my lack of person-hood. i think now that it's what i do with those words, how i use those experiences to either move myself on or hold myself down that matters more than the old but still present pain of them.

    But, as i said i say that carefully, because i think some have been hurt more and worse by the things said and done to them. my heart aches for people who were told only mean lies in an attempt to squash anything good in them. I am sad and hurt for you bluegrey and Stranger1. i hope the words don't stay in you soul like a sharp splinter, stabing and aching and festering. i will think good thoughts towards you both and hope for good

    and i wonder Sammakko... why you started this thread? what is the most disgusting things what people have said to you?
  9. toffeekitten

    toffeekitten Well-Known Member

    people on the bus said in response to my harming; why dont you do a proper job of it next time and cut downwards.

    and my mum has told me im her biggest regret and she gave up everything for me on a regular basis
    there is also my 8 yr old brother telling me to kill myself
  10. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    That sound like I should not...
  11. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    Yeah, that feel bad when people hope you are dead or want to kill you...
  12. Ranxerox

    Ranxerox Well-Known Member

    For me its not words that hurt, but the lack of words. To be ignored, to be treated as if your opinions and input are worthless, that is a mental hell.
  13. Tam

    Tam Well-Known Member

    Total agreement with you on that one. And to the being negated ignored denied and treated like you don't count at all, add a whole pile of shitty abusive labels as well (like you're selfish, you're selfcentred, you only ever think of yourself you never think of anyone else you're bad you're nasty you're spiteful you're mean you're malicious you're evil - mental hell doesn't even begin to describe it).

    Hey Ranxerox maybe we could start a 'WE DO COUNT WE DO MATTER' club?
  14. jnine

    jnine Well-Known Member

    :) not meant that way at all, just wondering
  15. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    So you do not have voices on your head which repeat all shyt for you day after day?
  16. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    And maybe also when other people talk about you as "it" when you are there, does that fit in this category?
  17. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    Cruel man

    For me it is depressed shithead

    Yeah, like for me it is happy and enjoy of life

    Yea like less suicical and selfharming

    Not understand logic of that
  18. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    Maybe I wanted to know am I just unnormal because of what I feel after them.. So long after them... Maybe I wanted to know if someone is really "get over them" and care to share how.

    There is many... On the top are ones which describe how to torture me and those who blame me murderer. Second one there is no actually any sense I carry those words with me because happenings nothing to do with me but that is how it is... There is so much what I carry with me and I can relate almost all with others and many more..
  19. LDA

    LDA Well-Known Member

    Everywhre, Brooze,
  20. jnine

    jnine Well-Known Member

    it sounds like people have been very mean and careless of you Sammakko,
    i'm sorry you have so much to carry.
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