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Words won't come

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I'm currently living away from home on my year abroad. I keep a blog and I've become a little addicted - not to it particularly, rather just writing about things most days.

I love writing, painting a picture with words. At the moment though, I have stuff to write about, yet I have no motivation to do it. I, for some reason, don't like that. This isn't for any sort of deadline or anything like that - just my own enjoyment, but nothing's coming.

I put pressure on myself to write, I think. I have these things in my mind that I have on a sort-of to-do list that I mentally tick off / discard, whatever.

I'm not upset by this, just a little annoyed and thoughtful and want to get it off my chest a little.
i've recently started adding my art to my blog. it's another way to express myself, when words won't come. give it a go. a sketch, a doodle, a photograph, even a collage. it exercises another part of your brain. it might be what you need to get writing again.
Yeah, your good with your photography joe, you should try that? If its applicable. otherwise stop trying. Annoying i know, but if you can stop thinking about it, sometimes it just flows.
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