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"I have always had a special love for words. Words have such power in them. The right words can uplift, inspire, heal, and create endless joy and love in our lives. The wrong words can depress, discourage, hurt, and bring us endless misery and pain. It is so very important then to try and choose the right words in our lives. By choosing the right words I don't just mean saying the right words or writing the right words either. I also mean thinking the right words. It is amazing the garbage that so many of us allow ourselves to think each and every day of our lives.

In order to live a truly blessed life we must haul away the garbage and start to plant words that will grow into a garden of joy and light in our minds. Start to make the words in your life work for you today and not against you. Do away with "can't" and "no". Try "can" and "yes" instead. Say, "I can be happy, I can choose joy, and I can share love." Say "Yes" to life, to learning, and to growth. Begin to use words like "Wonderful", "Beautiful", and "Delightful" when you speak to others. Find a word of praise for everyone you know and then share it with them. Look the people you love straight in the eye and tell them, "I love you." Seek our every fantastic, fabulous and glorious word that you can and start to use them in your life.

Words are such simple things and yet they have the power to change our lives forever if we use them right. Make the choice everyday of your life to use all of the good, positive, and loving words you can every second that you can."

Just something I was sent today that seemed perfect for this forum. So 'ner ner' to the person who told me 'words don't matter' yesterday :P

PS: I believe emotes count as words too :hug:


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Didn't finish reading it, too depressing for my taste. I have no control over what I think, let alone what I don't think. Annoying chaos in my head, wish I could leave words out... So, this text to me, is painfully worthless. But, I am, 100% in agreement with your PS. :P Emotes count as words just as much as anything else.


Words are certainly powerful. That was a nice post. I can't quite start speaking that why right now due to depression but I thought it was nice never the less. thanks


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Its definetly a nice gesture, and if done properly, would be wonderful for the world, ....but to think that way, when your down, depressed, ....its for me, that light goes out for kind and gentle words in my brain for myself,.....so hard sometimes to be thinking....for example....you said 'wonderful'...hard to think wonderful, when all you hear/fee/and think is worthless...I dont know...But please no disrespect to what you wrote....words are very powerful, and thanks for sharing it... :hug: just my :twocents:
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