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Work! Consume! Die!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by DepressedDave, May 20, 2012.

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  1. DepressedDave

    DepressedDave Member

    I don't want to consume. I mean I want to Subsist!, but not consume. I need 5 portions of fresh fruit and veg a day, some meat, a shelter from the elements and access to clean water. That's it.

    But it's not so simple is it. One must Work! to Subsist!

    So the sequence then follows, Work! Subsist! Die!

    For the life of me I don't understand why human civilization doesn't commit mass suicide?
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    I don't understand. Of course one must work to acquire the things that they need to survive. We are no different than any other creature on the planet. Animals must work to build their homes, whether it be a hole in the ground, a nest, or a cave or other shelter. They must hunt down their own food, even if that food is just grass and nuts and seeds. A smart creature, such as man, works and through that fills those needs... but if they work hard, the gain things more than just the basics. If we work hard enough, we can buy luxury items such as larger TV's, computers, cars, sport bikes, nicer clothing, etc. We can take vacations, or put pools in our yards, or send our kids to better schools. Man needs fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, water, and shelter from the elements. Man really doesn't need meat (why take another creature's life?). With passion and compassion, we could all learn to survive more peacefully, but there will always be those who challenge us and try to take what we have, even if we have very little. It is Darwin's survival of the fittest... but that fight helps give ups purpose and reason. To earn what we have makes having that which we do so much better.
  3. DepressedDave

    DepressedDave Member

    And what happens to the unemployed? Let the lazy feckless peasents rot? What if they want to work but are unable to find work, like 50% of Greeks right now?
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    With no location indiciated, I didn't realize you were in Greece. I know that in the USA, people are complaining about unemployment... and yet my son is having to work 70+ hour weeks because they are so short handed and can't seem to find people who want to take the available jobs where he works. Those who do apply end up failing the drug test and so cannot become employed. In America, there is unemployment but yet there are jobs that people don't seem to want to fill. In Greece, I don't know the situation so my apologies for not realizing you are there. I know that the situation in Greece right now is adversely affecting the stock market and it would be nice of the government there could take some steps forward to resolve the situation for the people who live in their country (governments should care about their people), and to realize that they're effecting the economy of the rest of the world by trickle down effect as well. Governments should also (and in the U.S. they do) take care of the people who are unable to work, or sick, or disabled. In the U.S., in fact, they seem to give away money to people who are not working almost too freely. Governments are to blame and while they can't be changed by any of us alone, and while they can't be changed in short term, if everyone gets on the same page together they can drive change that over a generation may resolve more issues for our futures and for the futures of our kids.

    As to the question why the world doesn't commit mass suicide, there is generally a mechanism in most all living things (it's instructive or genetic) that keeps us each fighting for survival. As I stated once before on here when replying to someone, even an animal caught in a snare trap will chew off it's own leg to drag itself away from death in a quest to just survive another day.
  5. Kent

    Kent Member

    In Russia, a must to work to survive. Moreover, even if a lot of work, pay will be small. The salary of the worker (teacher, doctor, mechanic) is 200-300 dollars per month. If you are not working, the state pays benefits to you 100-200 dollars.
  6. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    This appears to be one of those aspects of the human condition that most recognize, but few condemn. "Oh well, that's just life, might as well get used to it." This attitude (that suffering and hardship are acceptable simply because they are inevitable) has an obvious evolutionary benefit; the inverse would directly imply that life is unnecessarily cruel and ultimately without purpose or benefit, and people with this sort of mindset don't tend to thrive or reproduce as much as their cheery neighbors. Sadly, as I hope most of us will agree, the fact that a given worldview is adaptationally advantageous has no bearing on whether or not it accurately reflects reality.
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