Work situations -- how do you handle?

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    Unfortunately, my anxiety/PTSD has bled into my work life a little -- I am on FMLA to attend weekly counseling appointments and due to an extreme panic attack I called in sick yesterday (Friday). When I emailed my boss about it, I mentioned it was related to the FMLA leave situation because they tell you to be sure to note those things in case of future problems. Anyways, I am know at the point that I will have to talk to my boss about what is happening, obviously in very vague terms, but I am a bit lost as to what to say or not say....should I just say "I have an anxiety disorder and PTSD and it unfortunately impacted me badly on late Thursday/early Friday and I could not come to work and be productive due to that" or what? THat seems like a LOT of personal information getting out there but how to make it vaguer? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Hi, Sofie. I'm sorry you're in that position. It can feel weird and scary.

    Legally, employers (in US and Canada anyway) are not allowed to fire or penalize you in any way because of medical/disability concerns - with the caveat that the employee has made them aware of the need for accommodation for disability. I think that's where it can be tricky. How much needs to be said and to whom. To the HR department, directly to one's supervisor? I think this is an issue that you might want to ask your doctor and therapist about.

    Perhaps your doctor and therapist could write a note of explanation that says enough and not too much. My doctor wrote one for me when an emotional-trauma-related incident triggered a massive migraine. The doctor didn't even go into the trauma/emotional stuff, just said I'd suffered a severe migraine and required two days off work for medical reasons. A lot of the migraine was due to emotional upset...So there are sometimes ways around these things.

    Hope this helped.
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    Had a tough time at work last week and I've been to the human ressources departement. They helped me a lot.

    Good luck *hugs*
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    I had a rocky patch where I had anxiety attacks and tears at work - it wasn't fun. I was really struggling and it was noticeable and even though the people I worked for were generally total dicks at the time, I did speak to them and was honest about my mental health issues and they actually organised (and paid for) some phone counselling if I wanted it (therapy and counselling of any kind in the UK is very difficult to get) and were very understanding and reasonable.

    In the end, it is an illness and they can't penalise you for it any different than they could if you got some other illness. That said - some people are idiots still about mental health so I would start by seeing how they are with limited information before you front it all up.
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    I've not handled work situations well. I've often just wanted to kill people I work with or people I have to deal with as a result of working. That's why I'm aiming to get a job where I don't have to deal with as many frustrating people. And why I just refuse to get a job right now.