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    So I was recently transferred to a different store.....not by my choice. Essentially it has become my own personal hell. I honestly am at the point that I am ready to quit. I am supposed to be a manager there but the other management refuses to let me make any changes. The place is filthy, bug infested and the crew is just overall bad. And I took a pay cut to be there (less hours due to a lot less in sales.) The district manager has debated moving me back so that I can be back where I want and even some employees nav mentioned that my last day there is Sunday.... which means they know more than me apparently. It's just so frustrating. I feel like I should know what is happening and not be kept in the dark.
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    Maybe it's time to consider (whilst you are in work) - either forcing their hand (using what you know about the filthy, bug infested store - taking photos if need be to show the district manager to suggest they clean up or you move back), or looking for another role elsewhere.

    With other employees discussing an unknown situation to yourself, if it turns out to be true, then you can query why they found out before you as it wasn't their place to know (someone's leaked something somewhere, breaching confidence or poorly managed) - if it's not true, then just keep your head down, do your work, but use the unhygienic nature of the place as a reason to not want to stay there.
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    hi, that sounds like a terrible and powerless feeling place to be in. Other people are privy to things about your own financial and emotional security. It is Sunday. So I do hope this not knowing comes to a good end today. I do hope it works out that you get transfered out of there to a place that is better for you. Either back where you were before. Or to another place that is even better.
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    Well, I still have heard nothing actually. And the DM actually knows about how dirty the place is. The manager and crew at my old store all really want me back and I am hoping they do make the change. I absolutely hate being at this store with a passion. But there isn't much I can do so I will just roll with the punches for now.
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    still hoping you get back to your old store. Does the DM know how much you want to go back?