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    So I just started doing full on working out for the first time since high school... But I'm not sure what I should be drinking and what not before and after I workout... I was thinking about trying something called FRS (its a pre-workout energy drink of sorts) before I workout everyday. I do have a workout schedule set... so thats not the problem. So anybody have any suggestions for what I should be using? Preferably something cheap.
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    For lifting or anything intense- protein and carbs. Do whatever you can afford, it doesnt really matter all that much as long as you are getting something in. Over time you will find what works best for you.
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    Hey Josh,

    Working out really doesn't require anything special. The more you workout, you'll start seeing that you may need more protein or more carbohydrates.

    FRS is kind of for people who are really doing some serious workouts - and then it's only slightly beneficial - if at all.

    I took it last year - I did the FRS chews mostly. I was running some long distances - about 10 miles a day. I felt a couple times it helped me, but it may have been a placebo effect.

    I've also tried the FRS drinks - didn't seem to get anything.

    Just go with what you know about nutrition, balanced towards what you are trying to accomplish.

    I'm a fan of whole foods, but that doesn't mean I don't stop at Taco Bell on occasion.
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    Yeah, I have heard Carbs are good to have before workouts.

    As for the FRS I realize its for a heavier kind of work out which is what I do. I have set myself a very specific routine that involves a lot of effort. The first day I tried FRS I had my best and longest workout yet. I added extra time to my cardio and I felt great so I am quite sure FRS is going to work great for me. I have 3 cans of the drink left and chews, powder and a couple more cans on the way in the mail soon.
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    I just eat normal food - no health food bars or powders - but I would like to gain a few pounds so may look into high protein drinks.

    I think eating lots of fresh fruit and veg - plenty of fish helps also.

    not sure on meat - most is mass produced and unhealthy - organics is the way to go but shoplifting is the only hope of actually eating this as part of a regular diet.

    Veg you can grow - and salads and herbs on a windowsill - I put a small fluorescent above them so they grow in winter! Lettuce all year round - cress, spring onions, parsley, bay, thyme and whatever.

    I wish I could run 10 miles but will buy a bicycle soon - and cannot wait to make a few little runs - get my legs dead for a while!

    Any advice is helpful.

    I got a local gym - but its like Ali Baba and the 400 thieves - every crook working out - men practising moves to fend off other men - and men telling me to ignore heath risk because steroids and cocaine are the best thing for working out - lol - sure - lol.

    Had one buddy in the gym ask me to jab him in the ars* with a needle of human growth hormones.

    Pituitary glands get drained in the various morgues of the world - could be infected with aids - very easily as a lot of the human growth hormones are illegal - not tested - or maybe they are tested and thrown out but saved by someone who knows the value.

    Small vial - 25ml maybe - £50

    And people inject this once a week maybe - more, depends on how BIG you want to be.

    I'd like to be like Bruce Lee - skinny, but muscles. Ah so!!!

    Of course in the modern day Serengeti - the survival of fittest has nothing to do with being fit.

    The world is ruled by unfit old men - who could be defeated by the rest of us.

    Well - for now at least - we can kick their asses later on when we look cool!

    PS never wear shades in a gym.

    And stop trying to sell me Viagra!
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    Ok I couldnt keep my mouth shut.

    What you want, as mentioned here, is something with fast absorbed carbs and protein for pre - during workout, such as a whey protein shake, and slow absorbed protein for post workout, such as casein protein. There is an equation for calculating just how many calories you need on training and rest days for muscle gains.

    here is link, sites sucks but that calculator is useful.
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    You want slower release carbs prior to working. Rice, potato's, yam's to give a few examples with some form of lean protein.

    For after your workout you want a quick release protein such as whey. With carbs as well, I eat oats PWO(about 1 cup and a half) with 2 scoops of protein powder(50 grams) as soon as I can after my workout. You probably won't need as much carbs as I have PWO but I'm just giving you an example. Then after you get that PWO meal you want to eat a real meal an hour or two later. I'll have some form of lean protein with some fats(natural almond butter) for my next meal, although sometimes I'll eat complex carbs instead of the fats.

    You have to eat big to get big! Diet and being consistent are two of the most important things when training. Even if your workouts are average and you have a great diet and are consistent you will see pretty good good results.

    Casein protein is best before bed that way you're getting nourishment while you're sleeping.

    You can give yourself an insulin spike after working out. I put a good amount of honey on my oats fruit juices can also help with this although I'm not too fond of sugar. Lately I've been having a Gatorade G2 after my workouts, on top of my oats with honey and 2 scoops of protein powder.

    You can also buy BCAA's(Branch chain amino acids) online for pretty cheap which you can take both pre and post workout for an added benefit.
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    I stand (or rather sit) corrected, hats off to you sir!
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    No prob, whey protein is quicker absorbing it's also best to have it with water not milk too because the milk will slow the absorption down a bit.

    Another useful thing is if you don't have casein protein powder is to have a meal that contains slow digesting fats such as natural almond or peanut butter or even cottage cheese before bed and you'll be getting nutrients while you sleep. Your meal should also consist of some form of lean protein on top of the slow digesting fats.

    It's good to not eat meals that contain fats and complex carbohydrates together because complex carbohydrates give you an insulin spike therefore you're much more likely to store those fats that you ate. Waiting 2 hours between fats and complex carbs is a good thing if you want to avoid putting on fat. Basically each meal will consist of some form of lean protein or protein powder and complex carbs or some form of healthy fats.