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  1. Soft Serve

    Soft Serve Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I feel like this is the case. When I listen to music from my past, or see pictures, or think about people I used to love. I feel like my world already ended and all of this is just passing time watching the beginning of a new era I'm not even a part of. Spectating. Because I have no will to make anything new or "Start over." Not in a depressing way or a "lack of energy / focus / money" kind of way either, I just kind of don't really want to.

    It's weird because it's interesting... I can't stop watching my siblings grow up, and watching my parents get older, and watching my friends have kids and graduate college and just... I don't know, it's amazing. Not depressing, I'm not jealous, I'm not sad, it's just kind of... I don't know. Outside looking in I guess.

    Anyone understand this? What the hell is this?
  2. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't really say if I understand how you mean for yourself. But I suppose I can understand the feeling that the world has "ended" but is continuing on and evolving. For me it's like, I had/have ideas and connections, feelings and most importantly stances for things in life. Ideas and connections for how things would and could turn out, ideas for what was appriopriate or a part of my world and things that weren't appropriate to be a part of. It's a bit difficult to concieve all the parts that I can in life, and then feel and connect with them. Sorta like seeing a rythm or current in life and becoming a part of it. Knowing it's going in directions, knowing what it's drawing from as it explores the present and future, and what it's experienced from it's past.
    Somethings that I expected to happen haven't happened at all, infact they've completey gone backwards which is a crime to what I believe we are, or atleast capable of. Somethings have gone completely in areas I had no idea things would go into. And the worst one is.. im in a part of life that is the building blocks for a better and more freeing life for everyone.

    Idk.. I've had disconnections and loss of "my world" in regards to friends and family(as far as connections possibilities go). Sometimes the more im aware of something, the more that awareness can attempt to crush the important things in life to me. It's difficult when everything I believed in, especially as a free but nieve child, has become buried in so much utter realistic crap. Just trying to keep alive what I believe in all this ever changing world is very difficult. It's even more difficult when I see progression forgetting the things that brought us together and the moments that have made us who we are today. Then just carrying on. It's difficult in my opinon to be yourself in this world, because this world kinda can "tell you" what to do, how to be/feel, what's acceptable. What's silly, what's impossible, what's old or not worth it... It's difficult to be yourself and keep your world alive in this world. But however the world chooses to go, I believe what individuals dream and feel and believe is the foundation for what keeps our connection with life thriving.

    I don't think it ever ends if you can feel what you feel about something. I know trying to touch or even verbalise somethings can cause it to be attacked because there are so many barriers or things have changed so much that it feels too different. But... it depends on what you mean by your world. If it's about how people are or were, you world can still exist. Perhaps not in the same fashion, but no matter how different things are now, the past is not vacant or something to dismiss. It's as important as the moment and the future in alot of ways. Atleast I think so. Generally though it's being able to connect the past to now, and be able to feel both and enjoy the moments we have now, cheerish the ones we had and strive to expand that positive connection into the future.

    Im not sure if im on the right page, sorry if I'm not. If I can ask, if you could make something new today or start overfor yourself, would you? I mean if your will and drive were intune with what you wanted for yourself in life.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Feel like your sitting on the outside sidelines looking in Yes i have felt that way World keeps changing around us and we do not evolve
    You ask what is it a disconnection perhaps from reality a form of depression I don't k now but it is very isolating
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Identify with this completely.

    It's as if everyone and everything moved on and you're still standing still.
    Finding the energy to catch up is too much effort, finding an emotion to get moving seems an impossibility.
    It's a sure sign of deep depression and it's debilitating.
  5. KK99

    KK99 Active Member

    i can definitely relate - especially with the whole thing with not feeling like...well, doing anything...

    Mine is caused by a loss of motivation & drive, though...
  6. Finance

    Finance Well-Known Member

    Sure, I feel life has ended. I never read the forum rules, so I don't put much on about it.

    Life kept on going and I somehow failed to keep up/care.

    Not the slightest clue of how to repair or go on with life. Births, deaths, marriages, emotions, etc ........are for others.
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