worldly ways.

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    fortune unstable
    everything of circumstance
    not a 100%

    depends on this or that
    money flow
    singing souls

    got a car
    to get you far?

    got cab fare
    to get you there?

    on the bus
    don't make a fuss

    beauty, brains and bronze
    beer, booze and bitches

    can you count on your book smarts?
    can you count on your street smarts?
    are you really that wise?

    you look like a dummy to me
    idiotic ways
    stupid, crazy insane.

    do you feel safe ,sercure?
    is that your rock?
    about to give away

    left with nothing
    shambled ruins
    death, destruction and decay

    hope you have a sweet day
    days are long and hard
    what are we working towards

    an infinity circle of needs being full filled
    just so everyone can stay happy
    you got what you need
    I got what I need
    let this end in peace
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.