Worried about my boyfriend

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    My LDR boyfriend had an accident yesterday, he fell off a step ladder and hurt his shoulder.

    First when he said he fell down the ladder I immediately thought he might have hurt his head (he's got brain damage and PTSD from a biking accident in his teens that put him in coma)... thank goodness it's only his shoulder and he went to the doctor 2 hours ago because he couldn't really use his arm.

    I am pretty sure the doctor will send him off to get it X-rayed... which is really bad for him. It's such a trigger for him being at a hospital. I tried to give him some quick coping methods before he left... but I just worry it will be bad for him... and I can't be there, I can't even reach him before he gets back.

    Last time he was at a hospital some months ago (to have a sleep study done) he had such a bad panic attack he bolted out of the room.

    I just need to know he's okay... I'm not 'that' worried about his arm... I hate that he's in pain, and I'm thinking it's dislocated and needs to put back in place... which is going to hurt like hell. I am mostly worried for his mental state. And I hate not being there to hold his hand.

    Ugh. LDR sucks sometimes... he is so sad he can't be here when I struggle... and I am crying because I can't be there for him...

    I just hope he's okay.
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    I understand your frustration about not being there for him, ad I am so sorry for his accident.
    Talking to him is the best alternative, show your feeling and your support by talking. I pray for him to be strong and handle the hospital.
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    I am sorry for only seeing this thread now hun @ThePhantomLady Have you an update on how your boyfriend is doing today? I am sorry for what happened, what an awful experience, he has you and he's very lucky to have you ''there'' for him. I hope the hospital visit did not trigger him too much, I hope he is feeling better today and you :) ((hugs))
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  4. ThePhantomLady

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    Thank you, both of you!

    Luckily it turned out to be nothing. His shoulder hurts a lot but he's just going to rest it, he didn't have to go to the hospital at all.
    I worried for nothing!

    So all is okay... despite him being sore. It just freaked me out
  5. Petal

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    *hugs* to you!! So happy that he is okay and you are okay, very lucky!! Glad to hear it hun :)
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  6. Lady Snowblood

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    Although you seem to have worried over nothing, at least nothing too bad, I still want to tell you that it's never a good idea
    to spend your whole day with worries and fear after having received bad news like that, if you let that happen it will eat
    you up inside and won't let you think of anything else, and it doesn't even change the whole situation if you are freaking
    out or staying calm. Freaking out is just making things worse for you, and that shouldn't happen. I know that's easier said than done,
    but I guess I know what I am talking about, when I was studying abroad in Asia my sister sometimes ended our conversations with
    a suicide announcement. Did I freak out inside? Totally. But I didn't allow these feelings to overcome me.

    I know how it sucks, not being able to be there for someone you love when they need you, but the only thing you can do is rely on the connection
    that you have and that everything's gonna be okay. And from how you describe your relationship, it seems to me that you can overcome
    anything. It's wonderful that you've found each other and give each other the support and care you need.
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