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    I know I probably wont get many replies that dont contain 'Go to the doctor' or 'Go get checked out' or some variation of that..But I need to vent a little on this subject and I feel better doing it here then on the other forum I belong to....I dont have any insurance and I cant afford to see a doctor. I recently lost the coverage I had for the psych doctor (I didnt have any for a real doctor at all)..Things so are bad that if I got on a discount program to see a regular doctor I couldnt even afford the $10 for that. It wouldnt cover anything but a face to face chat with him anyhow. No meds, tests, or anything else would be covered... Anyways..I feel sick, I feel like Im about to die..Now Im not being dramatic..I really do feel that sick...For years I have been getting frequent stumock/bowl/intestine problems. Its getting worse and I can barely stand the pain.. I get this horrible pain that wont go away. For about a week now I have been on constant pain ranging from the middle of my back to nearly my belly button. I have a urgent feeling of needing to use the bathroom and the pain in my stumock is almost more then I can handle - it hurts worse then giving birth (I done that the natural way so I should know)..Then recently the muscles in my face, namly the one under my chin, has been hurting and locking up. When it happens I cant move my mouth and it brings tears to my eyes. Then on top of that I have suffered a constant headache for months..Now my leg muscles and muscles in my arms are so sore that I cant even stand having them bumped into.. Today the vomiting spells I use to suffer thru came back to me. Im so tired and Im in really serious pain..So of course my anxiety is worse then ever - causing me chest pains (again..I hate these, had them lots as a teenager).. I feel like crying.. Im even getting some dizzy spells. I left to go shopping a few days ago and found myself walking to the car, looking at my feet as I was walking, feeling disorented. I fell into the wall this morning too..I dont know whats wrong with me, I dont know if Id want to know either..I have prayed for years to die and have this hellish life over with..But what Im suddenly faced with dieing for real - How would I feel? How would I feel about leaving my son, my pets, and my family? How would they feel? How would I even begin to get things in order and how would I deal? Maybe Im being silly..Maybe Im just stressed, overly tired, and eating the wrong foods or maybe Im suffering a serious problem..I dont know...
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    There could be several medical issues involved, not just stress. I know what you said at the outset about "see a doctor" and the money issues. But I once had a sever asthma attack at about midnight which could have killed me.

    I had no insurance but I was able to drive to the nearest hospital and they admitted me right away, as I was about to croak. They didn't ask about insurance initially, but after i was stabilized...here comes the paperwork. So I filled out all that crap and said I'd pay when I could, which was never!

    I think it may have been on my credit report for awhile, but so be it. I wasn't ready to die. You have a lot to live for, with your son and all.

    In California, there are still a few state-run hospitals which you can go to with any ailment and they will give you a complete blood work-up, etc...The payment program is called a 'sliding scale', which basically means you pay what you can afford.

    The last time I went, I fill out the forms and they said I didn't have to pay anything as I had no job or any means of support. Isn't there anything like that in West VA.?
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    No the sliding fee (or sliding scale) you can get here only covers the face to face with the doctor. If they have to drawl blood, do xrays, or anything thats beyond a standar doctors visit it will cost big time. Last time I was sliding scale with my regular doctor I got 50% of labs and still got a bill for over $200, which I never paid. I cant afford another hit to my credit right now. A over $3000 bill just went to my credit report because I couldnt make payments, also about a $500 doctors bill for my last visit to the ER has went against it, so I cant afford to take another credit hit. The ER here (well the local one) they take you to triage and then before your alowed to see the doctor they have to have your insurance information or some kind of payment promise - so I doubt they will see me after my not paying the last bill. The next ER is about 50 miles away, my regular doctor does on call for them some weekends. I done a little research and found whats suppose to be a free clinic but its about 100 miles away and I couldnt afford to drives to it. I would be required to drive down for paper work and to proove income. Drive back for a initial check up. Drive back again for any tests they would have to do. Drive back again for follow ups, check ups, and what not. They cant approve me and add me to their patient list the same day. I dont work because of mental status and my husband cant work due to a spine problem. So we dont have much money. We cant even pay our bills. I pay the minimum payments on the lower cost bills, pay the basic bills, mail a few letters to friends (which is what keeps me sane at this point), buy pet food, toilet paper, and what we cant live without around the house, and then we dont have any money. We might manage 1-2 tanks of gas for the car in the run of a month and thats it..