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worried about my nan

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figured i'd post it here, feel free to move it if it fits better somewhere else..

i'm worried about my nan

yesterday, she fell in her garden at home and was rushed to 1 of our local hospitals

turns out.. it was actually quite a bad fall- she broke her hip and collarbone

she's going to theater today for the operation, and i just hope it goes well...

also at her age, it's very risky doing this...


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Hi hun i hope all goes well with your nan ! we are sending you super good luck vibes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :hugtackles:
Did she have her surgery? And if so, how did she do? Hope it was uneventful...J

she's woken up from her surgery, but as yet we don't know anything about what will happen next

she's staying in hospital for today, probably just for observation purposes.. but i'll let you all know

thanks for your concerns
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