Worried about the world (trigger warning)

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The world is dying, there are too many people using up its limited resources, humanity needs to STOP before its too late. Our greed and our arrogance will be our downfall, all of the oceans in the ENTIRE world are coated with a layer of plastic, all of them. The air is choked with chemicals that give us cancer, and destroy our bodies. The fish are full of mercury and heavy metals, which literally melt our brains. The land is overused, choked with vile pesticides and fertilisers. We cannot colonise other planets, we only have one world. What can we do, is our species destined to go out with a whimper, not a bang, destined to die out on a barren, polluted wasteland of a world, is there no great future for mankind? And the general dumbing down of society doesnt help, the greedy corporations brainwash us with useless things, break down our self images with false idols and propaganda, intellectuals are ridiculed, and the greatest technological advances of late, have been devices for social media of all things, so we can waste more time talking about the crap that we bought. What about history, what about all those who fought and died for the future of man? What was the point of all that philosophy, that effort and the tears and blood spilt over thousands of years, all so we can have another Iphone or watch more Lady gaga spouting uninspired commercial shit that numbs our brains and distracts us from our doom. It disgusts me that people take pride in getting shit faced drunk, as if it is some kind of achievement, when did it become a crime to be intelligent, or at least to strive to improve yourself if you realise that you are not? What the flaming HELL has been going on in the last 60 years? Why, why must we mutilate ourselves and our home, why wont someone please stop this horrible crime? There was an old movie, called Soylent green, and the world depicted there was a dusty empty wasteland, overcrowded with people, and there is a scene where the two characters, make a feast out of an apple and some other small things. Is that the future, will we one day consider something as trivial as an apple such a wonderful commodity? Will no one save us from ourselves? Can this terrible, terrible crime be stopped, we are ALL vicitims here, and our future is being destroyed without our say. Im sorry for the tl;dr but this is something that has been festering inside me for sometime.
Here,here!! I agree we've wrecked this planet and sadly it's gonna be people hundreds of years down the line who will suffer most when wars are fought over the last remaining energy and mineral deposits. I think it's beyond saving,just hope that the human race dies out so that the animals might have a chance of living on.


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Annnd you would do what... and aim for what?

Not knocking you too much, but the realisations about our falures and shortcommings is the easy part. Most of these problems are because of a lack of direction, foresight, responsibility and connection to the moment and future. blah blah blah

Better yet. Wipe away the shit we have now, what's youre idea of a perfect "society" or race? As in at it's core, and it's aim. (btw im totally with you, but ... yeah)


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You shouldn't be worried about the world, it's existence will carry on long after humans disappear, i mean earth survived an inter-planetary collision and now look at it, so i doubt a race of irresponsible humans would cause too much damage to it, obviously enough to potentially cause their own extiction but that's about it.

However don't be so sure that we will become extinct due to our lifestyle, we've never had to experience anything like this before, so we can't say for sure whether it's survivable or not. even though i'm a man of science, i never put all my trust into it because they sometimes get it wrong.
The stone roses reforming is the crappiest news I've heard in ages. I was like 18 when they were in their prime and they were awesome apart from the fact that Ian brown can't sing live.They're reforming for one reason only-money!! They have nothing to offer,it's a douche bag move!! Grrrrrr!!!
I enjoyed soilent green, it was an excellent film. a true depiction of the horrors of humanity. the other item they had was a steak. i remember their joy as they cut into it saying it was a real piece of meat.

they were fed the dead.

soilent green was a compound made from dead people which was given out on a specific day of the week. No-one knew.

They had dying rooms, where people could go if they had had enough, watch a pretty movie and be euthanized.
later to be put into a vehicle resembling a garbage truck and sent to a plant for processing into soilent green after they had been stripped of any and all valuables.

The one hope i hold is that regardless of anything we do to our planet, no matter what we put her through she has been through worse and come out of the other end.

we are not killing the planet, we are killing ourselves.

Life on the planet will find a way to continue it always does. it may take billions of years but in the huge scope of the cosmos it is just a blink of an eye.
Perhaps the next race of intellectual beings that populate this planet will find a way to live in tune with nature rather than rape her.

Humanity has an innate desire to control and claim ownership,,,, We cannot own nature.

The energy from which we are derived is just lent to us for a short period of time, in the end we always have to give it back.

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I would look for Soilent Green except those kinds of movies are very triggering for me. See, once I start thinking about things like that, I can't stop.

But really, I think about this a lot. It's hard not to. These days, the reminder is constantly there. When it reaches over 100 degrees in places where it didn't used to go past 85, when it's 85 degrees in the dead of fall, when they're tearing down yet another forest to make room for yet another big chain company that yet another small town doesn't need...

Some humans have tried helping and try to make a difference. And yes, every difference helps. But sometimes I just feel that there are far more out there that just don't know or don't care. Or both.

I can't say whether the Earth would go on afterwards. I imagine it will. Just as it's went on all this time. Some type of life might come next. That thought kind of redefines "Life goes on," and really puts things into perspective...

I'm leaving the thread now, though, before my mind gives me nightmares again. :tongue:
soilent green is no different from very other film that depicts human nature. I know of tonnes

Equalibrium- about the repression of thoughts
1985- repression of humanity through brain washing and control
blindness- a look at the horrors of humanity when faced with annihilation through a super bug/infection
I spit on your grave- the trials of one woman exacting revenge on the men who raped her

take these and then look at our history, it isnt much difference to communism, or genocide.
its all about control.

the eradication of the forests serves the purpose of those in power- they gained the power through control and finance- finance is trade-usually in commodities-commodities are natural resorces

its whoever can rape our planet fast enough to buy land and claim ownership that essentially have the power.

they do not care about the planet only their short term gains and long term bank balances.

they will only change if it threatens their bank balances not to

so buying line caught fish instead of trawlered-using recycled materials instead of buying new-using wood and paper from sustainable forrests using solar power-cars that are conomic and alternate reusable fuels- is the ONLY way to go.

these things cost more money but while ever there is a huge populus too poor buy the expnsive version they are supporting the cheeper version.
these are the people who work at the bottom end of the food chain, usually those who work for these huge companies. Who pay minimum wage or just above as they know in the end it only serves to line their own pockets.

the only way to stop them from doing all this is to not buy the crap they sell us that is cheeper and easier.

but can you really see that happening on a global scale?
I have to disagree, i don't believe we will change just because people say that we will die if we don't change, sure a minority will but that's not enough. I believe the only way we will eventually start taking this seriously is when we are on the verge of becoming extinct and even at that late stage it still may not be too late to save ourselves, it may take the death of billions of humans for us to realise this.
We may be intelligent compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, but we're not that intelligent, we're incredibly violent, irresponsible and obviously lack the understanding the importance of our survival.
Because life is relatively easy and the environment is changing slowly enough for us not to notice unless someone points it out and compares it to a different time, most of us don't believe it's actually happening, we say we do but how far do you go out of your way to try and save the world if it really bothers you that much?
I want humans off this planet,the animals and plants would get along just fine without us here. It's just a shame we were ever here at all,this planet must have been beautiful before we wrecked it.
Following the time lines of history there have been many mass extinctions, after each mass extinction was a subsequent boost in the overall diversity of life on the planet.
humanity may have a chance to grow but in order to grow we must change or we will meet the same fate as the dinosaurs.
We are intelligent, but this is preceded by our greed.
Our innate desire to conquer and control has led to wars.

Mans inhumanity to man.

we have no respect for life. Not just the life of a person but the life of every living thing.
We walk around like babies with our eyes wide shut using brute force instead of working alongside.

We are basically stumbling in the dark and like all children we will make mistakes.
It is how fast we learn from those mistakes that will eventually decide our fate


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Meh we're fucked. The only way we will all come together is if A We're threatened with distruction I.e Plauges or to a lesser degree war. B)Space travel. though even in this, there would have to be some massive technological developments to spark imgination and wonder again in the heart s of AVERAGE people, to create the momentum for us to progress. And in that, the leaders of that momentum have to bring about concepts of respect and care for all forms of life and not simply create and go like we have done. C) Aliens! Yeha... butit would sum us all as Humans. Not Chinese Canadians, Brazilians, ect.. but humans. D) Some sort of mental exsitential human evolution development that pushes us beyond the limations of our perceptional depths that every human in general can achieve.

More or less it's hope, motivation, drive... A reason. A common Reason. Before it was easy. We were... simplier. Now we're so much more.. The question doesn't sit for days months or years, .. we google it. We find it, we teach it, we explore it. And we answer it and shift away the crap. We bring an answer to simple questions which spawns more questions which seperates the general connections and understandings between us.
Someone throws a direction or a drive for us, another person will say.. "meh I don't care about that". There's an extreme lack of unified connection in countries, in communities, in everything. It's becoming more and more broken.

I think with the right apprication of life, the right desires and optimistic future goals. A drive and direction that supercedes our own, maybe exploration into... something. Something that benifits everyone, and possibly everything. Maybe. But it's the core apspects that need fixing, or re-affirming. We've bent so many that we're becoming dangerously malluable and easily manipulated 10 steps down the line. So idk, .. I reckon either we need to find something new, a cataylst that will hit us so deep to the core that it will rejuvenate the core connections or apprication(s) for life that we shed our connections for this materialistic bullshit, and perhaps open our eyes to the horrors we accept and numb ourselves to on a daily basis, and force ourselves to reject them and find a way to survive that doesnt betray our own convictions and personal levels of respect for ourselves and others. .. or. Hell idk.

I just think fuck you all tbh. :)


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Yeah, space is kinda like... creating buffer zones. Same problems as now. It's kinda why we shouldn't go out there like we are now. If we do, we'll only create larger clusters of smaller "issues" which creates larger scale problems over simple ignorance. It's kinda why if there was a bond between us all that superceedes that sort of personal distaste or lack of understanding for "difference" between us, we would be ok. Nothing really connects us anymore in my opinon, so we're left with either people fitting into our own personal "boxes" or trying to define them based on what they look, where they are from, what they do, and that's it. Limiting them to the limitations of our own perceptions and definitions.
It's difficult to look at your neighbour and think, hey another human, another life, when they think, "that "insert definition" from society" which comes with it's own boxes. We don't liberate our own perceptions of eachother, and we don't protect that freedom unless we're forced too or it matters on some personal level. Atleast I think so.

Racism and prejudice in space is like racism from America to China, Or from A rich area of a city to the poor section, or a upper class perception to a lower class perception, or a neighbour with a white fence compared to your black fence, or personal perception on who you are to who you want to be ect. When no ones being hurt, it's just fear and ignorance in general. Which is why... if we went up now with tech, man we'd not be going up as a species at all. Also I think that going into space as a race would creat e alot more opportunities for us to branch out as individuals on personal levels. which without some deep rooted moral or ethical understanding or construct, we'd start deteriorating without constant stimulation as a species.
space travel would only work if we found new stuff to stimulate the species to strive to explore and advance the ways we explore. Again, kinda boils down in my opnon to a reason. Whats the point?
Feelings work for me atm :) Would be cool to feel and experience things from an extreme point of view, and appricate other forms of existence experiencing life at the sametime, without tearing into that desire to control and dictate "the way" life "should be". Unfortunatly, working/flowing with life isn't as progressive and quick as "controling" it to meet our desires and ends meet.

Yeah.. in anycase, you'd really see that. You'd see problems with distribution of resources, unless there was some universal idealogy that made it so that there was a balance between all colonies. :) cool vide, enjoyed that.
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i love the idea of space travel, we are not there yet though and I were another species watching us from a distance I would be hesitant to come here aswell. Humanity on the whole hasnt learned enough life lessons to live together ,, let alone with something alien from this world.
the feats in technology needed to get us out there and exploring would require global efforts on a scale as yet unprecedented.

if aliens came here would we great them by
shooting at them
capturing them for our own technological advancement
greet them as equals
accept them as teachers
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