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    I have cellulitis in my right hand. Been developing for atleast 1 week. Very painful..... I can no longer use this hand for most tasks-due to pain. I'm takin strong antibiotics, however am worried about the severity.

    In many cases, cellulitis takes less than a week to disappear with antibiotic therapy. However, it can take months to resolve completely in more serious cases, and can result in severe debility or even death if untreated especially if the symptoms are caused in women. If it is not properly cured it may appear to improve but can resurface again even after months and years

    I hate the doc who let me know! He made me feel like an idiot who didn't take proper care of myself! Appearently I was supposed to notice immediately about it & seek proper treatment..... excuse me dope for bein busy, says I to the doc. The pain is only now gettin strong or I would've noticed more quickly says I to the doc. He gives me motrin! So now I get to live in pain-more pain than usual. I guess the worst thing is I could lose the use of a hand..... how do I know if it's gonna be properly cured by the keflex? The doc was such an asshole! :eek:hmy:
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    It's a bitch ain't it?

    My dad had a saying: Take it easy greasy. You've got a long way to slide.

    :hug: You won't die from this, as it IS being addressed. Your case reminds me of my tinea--a fungal infection very much like athlete's foot that I had on my hands. It would itch like you can't BELIEVE. No pain, no debilitation, but God what an aggravation. The skin would crack, I had to make creative use of band-aids and creams every day. Oh joy. :rolleyes:

    It, too, is a flair up type of condition. It would come and stay for fucking weeks, regardless of the treatments we tried, then go away. Then it would come BACK a couple months later. lol

    That was pretty much in my twenties and thirties though and for reasons known to God only, I haven't seen it since (about a good 10 year now :thumbup:).

    WMW, yours is a different animal; a bacterial infection (remember mine was fungal). I can't imagine what that is like, don't care to know. I empathize though...

    Hell if I know, but did read up on cephalexin: You take this stuff orally?

    Hmm. :unsure: Well, since it's advanced, I'd say follow all directions exactly -- keep us updated.

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    As you probly know, take yer abiotics all the way. Dont miss a dose or quit taking them early. else they wont work.

    Motrin eh :dry:

    What a dick! lol
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    Very good point. All the way, even once it's "gone." Thx, Bob.